IFC Profile Pictures

Hey everyone!

Some of you may know that I am working on a very special IFC Livery for a feature request, but I need your help! The livery will have a collage of sorts containing many profile pictures from the IFC to make one big picture, but in order to make a collage of that scale, I require many many profile pictures. The livery will be on the Boeing 737 as that is the next aircraft to recieve an update.

If you would like your profile picture on the livery, leave a JPEG or PNG copy down below, once I give you a like it means that your profile picture has been included. Additionally, none of the material of your profile picture can be copyrighted, things such as logos and others should be avoided, if you have a personal profile picture with only your content, I would love to put it in the livery.

I thank you all for your support!

Work so far


Mine from another account.

-This may be a little complicated. Something like IFC names would likely work better.


Instead of that, I would recommend just putting all are names in it.

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That would look terrible, it would just be a list of names on the fuselage.

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Well, some people don’t have original profile pics.

Which means that their profile picture doesn’t get to be on the livery. If you would like to discuss further please PM me.

Well, that’s kind excluding people like or me.

Im sorry, but there would be too many copyright issues.

Copyright issue for putting people names there?

For having content that Infinite Flight does not own. And i am not doing names. Please PM me, or I will flag for being off topic.

What do you mean, the same rules apply if you use profile pics. Having people just out there names on it, it would look really nice in my opinion.

How about this?


That is perfect thank you!

Or mine? Would that be OK?

Should be fine.

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Can’t have a IFC community livery without the wing view of a Delta CRJ on it😉Lol


Here’s my DAL A320 pic:

Looking forward to what you can make out of the profile pics :)



There you go 😉


This is your own picture correct?

My profile picture from an old account, taken by me at EGLL