IFC only server

Hey IFC,
If this is already a Feature feel free to close it.
Anyway I was thinking what If infinte flight had an IFC only server where only people who have IFC accounts are allowed to play on that server. This would allow for easy communication, group flights and events for IFC to host without anyone who has no idea on what is going on at that airport at that time ( some people just spawn into another person’s gate at an event for example)
I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not but feel free to add onto the idea or discuss it :)

This would increase the load of the people who manage the IF servers - we just need better ettiquette on the Expert Server and boom…sorted!

And also this:

is pretty true…


While a good idea, a bit pointless as almost all expert is on IFC

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I agree but lots of people who are playing on expert that fool around dont have IFC accounts, but I may be wrong

That is because the Grade system as well as the Server Requirements needs some pretty major revamping to sort out the Expert Server - we do not need people having to create an IFC account to play on a server because, as Jason as already said, that would draw people away from this amazing simulator

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What I’m saying is people can still play expert that’s fine but people who are on IFC should get another server to host events for IFC etc. If you dont want an IFC account you can play on expert

That would just increase the overall server load, make the expense of running the servers go up (meaning the subscription price could well increase) and make server issues and crashes (requiring maintenance/restarts) much more common - which would annoy a lot of people in the long run

Yeah, It may be a better idea for the future, not sure though

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Potentially…in the future…yes…if the Expert Server doesn’t see a major revamp

  1. What’s wrong with the current communication?
  2. Just because someone is registered on the forum does not mean that they actually behave well.
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On IFC server it will be easy to contact people (because we would all have IFC accounts) acting badly and correct them on what they are doing wrong at that time. This sums up your two points

I just don’t think it’s worth it.

I don’t understand why we should restrict people from joining a server by making unnceserary requirements. Some people respect their privacy and prefer not signing up on the forum. Doesn’t mean they are bad pilots.

In the same way, I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy if every time you go to a different restaurant you were asked to register with them.


To be honest… I don’t think this is needed now… but the idea is good.

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Something of this sort was discussed some time ago and it’s just not in the developers vision at the moment. Although we encourage everyone to visit IFC there is no obligation for the user base to have an IFC account.

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