IFC Name as in-app Username

I know people have IFC in their name on IF and I know it stands for Infinite Flight Community. Can anyone in the community have this in their name or do you need something special?

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I am assuming you mean a name like this?: “IFC - InfiniteNick”.

Anyone can put it in their name. There is no requirements.


Ya, you can add that. More or less it just lets other people know that they are so and so from IFC. Same thing for VA callsighns/name additions…


Also of note there definitely isn’t a requirement to have it either…

Thank you.

Ye you can

I use it, it’s to represent if you are in a group or something like the community

My username is IPP - IFC - ItsBlitz

IPP for Infinite Proffesional Pilots and IFC for (You know it)

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Lol, if there was a group for rough landings, I would be in it.


Then that’s the RL group, lol


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