IFC magazine random cover

Hey everyone!

So I was really bored so I decided to make an IFC magazine cover for no reason at all.
I actually quite like It so if anyone would like to use it go ahead!

What do you think?

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(Please note that this was not meant to copyright the original IFC magazine. I was just having some fun as I was bored. I used random barcodes and false information)

See you around!


Cool, but there is just one thing wrong:

We don’t know when IF will release the reworked C172.

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I think you should actually make A magazine, it looks fantastic!!


Please read what I’ve wrote :) But thanks!

Haha thanks man!

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To be fair, the given date matches the timeframe given by the devs, so it’s not too implausible.

BC, nice cover! Would definitely look good on a real magazine. :)


Thanks mate!

Also, if anyone would like me to make you one for your VA/Magazine, please PM me! I’d be happy to do so :)


Very nice idea

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Is there an IFC magazine?

I’m pretty sure there is.

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Hmm, I want to find out.



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