IFC link with IF not working

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue? Maybe?


Device Information
IPhone 8 IOS 14.0.1

While trying to sign into IF through the IFC, I said I had no active subscription, however when I signed in through google it worked. I got this message when trying to sign into through the IFC

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • _Sign out _
  • Sign in through IFC
  • Give the IFC access to what it needs

Expected results
You are logged in

Actual results


I just checked and your account isn’t connected with the IFC. You’ll need to login with your Google account and connect again

Not sure what that means…do you mean log in on the IF app, with google? Because I already know that works. Just trying to figure out why I can’t sign in through the IFC

That’s why.
You need to link it first. The app can’t magically know what your IFC account is without you first telling it ;)

How do I link my google account with the IFC?

You’re not supposed to.
You’re supposed to link your IF account with IFC.

Go to Settings -> Account in the app, it’s the 3rd option from above.


There we go! Thank you, make way more sense now!

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I’ve done this too and have linked, but I’m getting an error message every 30 seconds or so saying infinite flight can’t get the latest account statistics, check connection and try again

I am getting the same thing.
My account IFC is also linked to the IF app. Strange.

Same as I have described? @KBUF

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This is this issue, continue there please: