IFC Level Help

What Infinite flight community level am I?? According to a site a different thread mentioned, I should have level 2… Not 100% sure, clarification could help.


Hey, you are a trust level 1.

Okay thanks, what do I have to do to get to 2?

Hello! The IFC requirements are different than the Discourse ones. Check out this topic for more information:

There are no set guidlines, just keep posting, liking, contributing, and learning! You’ll get there in no time!

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And it says you have the basic badge which you get when you reach TL1, then Member to TL2, and Regular for TL3.

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Just keep posting on the community and you will reach it in no time ;).

okay cool, thanks.

This thread can be closed now

wait where can u see it again?

You can go to your profile and press on summary. Then scroll all the way down and your badges will show.

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Okay thanks, this thread can be closed now :)