IFC Keeps logging me out

So I’m having some weird issues. I’m using IFC via an iphone and anytime I switch to another app it seems to automatically log me out?

Is this a new feature or just an issue on my end


Are you using the discourse app or just a web browser?

What device are you on?

What browser are you using?

I’m using a web browser, Google Crome I’m on an IPhone 8S

Have you restarted your phone?

Sometimes if you you may need to log out physically and then back in again. I have seen it sometimes get confused and needed to reset the persisted login. It could also have to do with how you are logged in. Google, etc. Another app could be logging out if it is with a different account.

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I’ll try that. Thanks!

Just restarted it, it had me signed out originally I’ll come back in a few see if it kicked me out

There was also an older problem where people had an older URL bookmarked back when we had the - in the URL.

Now is it just community.infiniteflight.com

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Tip: You should try the Discourse app, it keeps you signed in and is faster to use than Web Browsers

@Chris_S I use that one

So far it hasn’t kicked me out again weird

Same here. Ive logged back into my account twice now in the past 30 minutes. iphone 7. 12.3.1. However my Ipad has remained unaffected.

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Odd. It could be that Discourse was doing something on their end at the time.

Yea well shoot… sorry for wasting your time!


Discourse recently made an update to our platform. Seems like there’s some issues with Google authentication. I’m in contact with them!

Sorry about this.


Thanks gents! No problem just wanted make sure I wasn’t going crazy lol


Just kicked me out again there’s a 40 min gap

@RotorGuy - which iOS version are you on?


Just kicked me out again a 10 min periodIOS 12.3.2

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Happens to me too. I simply log in when the message appears, I press the IFC logo taking me to the home page, it works then. It’s a strange little error.

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It happens to me as well and it displays this message, but like @Kuba_Jaroszczyk said I just press the IF logo. This is on the latest version of iOS and on a iPad 6th Generation.

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I use Facebook authentication, and also appears to be playing up. Though, I just managed to ‘refresh’ my way in ☺️

iOS 12.3.1

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