IFC is unfair

Ok, I admit it, I am mad at IFC staff beacuse I do not understand why I am still not a TL2. Surely, I have read all the posts on « why haven’t I reached TL* yet? ». I just saw a user who has been on this community for only a month and he made it like if it was a peice of cake. I have been on this community for around 5 months now and I am still stuck on TL2. I can’t be here at every single moment of the day since I have a lot of school work. I am currently planning on leaving this community forever if this message doesn’t say anything to staff members. Also, my parents say think that staff only promote people who post things that staff like. They also think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to say bye to this community. I want this to change. I’m desperate! Please!


It’s a good group, the admins here are very fair.
Some people get to TL2 quicker then others by being active. But I’ll let the mods/staff comment on that


We’re definitely not treating anyone unfairly, i can assure you of that :) And if someone were to feel that, we’re always available for a chat about it.
The reason for this is because everyone is treated equally in terms of trust levels.

It’s not just all about being here looking around. You need to show engagement as well. That means liking other users posts, receiving likes on your own posts, posting yourself and so on.

You’re not stuck at TL2, you’re at TL1. And that is for one or all the reasons given above.

Feel free to drop me or anyone else in the team a PM if you feel unsure about anything, we’re here to help :)