IFC IOS and Android app?

Right now IFC is a website but would it be cool if we had an app on our phones?

It would be so much better because say you were doing a group flight but you forgot where it was and we could have the IFC app next to IF.

Currently on our phones the IFC website is messy but the app wouldn’t be. What do you say?[poll type=multiple results=on_vote min=1 max=2]

  • IFC app
  • IFC website


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You can download the discourse app for IOS only or go to your browser and add it to yout home screen.Lets hope it will come for android soon :)

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There is! Just download the DiscourseHub App from the App Store

  1. Your poll didn’t work
  2. on my phone, I choose to add the IFC to the home screen. I have an android tho

Discourse app is also available for android:


Actually it is!Wow I did not realize that

You’re also able to receive notifications using the discourse app, which is a really nice feature.