IFC Interview with regular Chief305

First of all i would like to say It was an amazing interview with great questions submitted by you guys we would also like to thank @Chief305 for taking the time do do this interview with us never the less here is the full interview
Enjoy :-) Justin IFC

As a Regular, you’re active on the forum. Of all the things that you’ve contributed here, what means the most to you? (Submited by Tomthetank)

Introducing new members to the community when they first join, with introducing them you will give the newcomer some comfort helping them find their place on here. With introducing them in a nice friendly manner, they will be sure to make less mistakes and generally be less disruptive.

Name the top 3 restaurants within a 20 minute drive of your home. Good for future travelers that want to hit up Miami!(sushi sake is the place to go) (Submitted by Chrislevet232)

Patio Tipico in Miami Springs, they sell Hondurian food and that is the place where my Mom (She is from Honduras) & I go to get baleadas. If you’re going to Miami you cannot miss Montes De Oca, the sell some bomb Cuban pizza and sandwiches, they have three restaurants located in Little Havana. Last but not least we have Tropical Restaurant in Hialeah, we personally know the owner, he is from Cuba and came to this country not knowing how to read or write, he opened Tropical as a little shack in the same place it is today, the food was so good, he went to school and learned how to read and write, with that he bought out property’s in Hialeah, he is now a millionaire living in an apartment in Miami Beach, anything is possible.

Is there anyone influential in your life within or outside of Infinite Flight? If so, how have they changed the way you do things or the character you are today. (Submitted by DeerCrusher)

My mother, she told me to get my shit together, she loves me and want’s the best for me so I did and I am now turning to greater things, there are also people I have met down here and have seen what I have done, and gave me a hard talk and opened my eyes to life and helped me grow out of my immature shell and me not giving a crap about anything.

You’ve been through quite a journey since you joined, both good and bad.
When and what was the turning point to the good in your opinion? :) (Submitted by schyllberg)

Everyone on here gave up on me when I was removed from the ATC group and was suspended from this community, but one person saw the good in me, unlike others that saw the bad and had hatred and wanted to see me fail. That man mentored me, not only for IF but for life as well, I remember we talked every day and we still do. That man then became a moderator on here and told me to do good and be humble and stay hungry, I then started to help and contribute on here, keep in mind I was locked to TL1 for my past dumbassery, friend @schyllberg noted my improving behavior and bumped me back up to TL2, this goes to show that no matter how disruptive you are on here, you can turn stuff around and go on to higher things.

If you had $100,000 what would you do with the money? (Submitted by RedBulbBlueBlood9911)

Who says I don’t have that money right now? lol, most likely would invest that money to make even more money as well as I would buy my Mom everything and the world as she gave me the world.

If you could fly ONE large commercial airplane in real life, what would it be and why? (Submitted by TheCoolPilot)

Boeing 777 Family, I love that aircraft, nice and elegant, nice large cabin with just two engines, it has a very nice wing as well.

What inspired you to do a quote of the day? Where do you find your quotes? (Submitted by GolferRyan)

I usually search for quotes online, decipher them and then give my perspective of what said quote means, other times I will make a quote in my head, I was inspired to do them to inspire some of you on here.

What makes you special as a person? (Submitted by Balloonchaser)

Not much, I am really like most of you here. One thing that is special though is being humble and warm hearted, in today’s cruel world with so much evil and hatred to one another, and everyone talking bad about everyone else, it is very hard to find humble noble people.

Boeing or Airbus? Which company would you choose? (Submitted by SouthernDude)

Boeing, especially the older models with the analog cockpits rather then the usual glass cockpits, a real aviator will use steam gauges rather then displays in my opinion. I also like Boeing as some of their aircraft are less automated, don’t get me wrong, Airbus is a great company as well and what they have done has earned my respect, but I am going with Boeing.

Where did you get the username “Chief305”? (Submitted by crazygamerdl)

Natural born leader, everyone is a natural born leader but nobody find’s it as they spend their time following others, Chief would be the leader of the tribe. 305 means a bit more though, besides being the area code for Miami, I grew up being called 305, everyone I knew would call me 305 so I stuck with it. Chief305? Leader of 305.

Do you play any sports? If so what? (Submitted by jakevaz423

Baseball, Basketball, Football. Baseball since I am cuban, play that all the time, couple years back I played for a basketball team, I was playing center as I was the big man, no one could get past my defense, I am good at layups and jumpshots, as for long range? Not so good…

Would you want to be a moderator on the IFC? Because you would be great for that position. (Submitted by Jakevaz423

First, that is not my choice, lol, next, it would be nice to help out around here in greater ways and keeping a bit more order with the hormonal kids, and finally it would be nice to wake up to Misha’s messages smh.

Who inspires you the most? (Submitted by Trio)

@ChrisLevet232 @Maxmustang @DeerCrusher These three have inspired me on here, Chris mentored me to become what I am and gave me tips on life and such, Max is a crazy old man but knows his stuff, that old man is a bad ass, Semper Fidelis! DeerCrusher is an airline pilot, he has showed that any dream could be done if you put your mind to it, and show dedication and you can touch the sun

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Great interview! I look forward to more of these in the future (Hopefully with me haha)!

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Why wasn’t my legit question asked? :P


Aren’t all of our questions legit


Perhaps we need to make the interviews more regular, but also have questions from a wider range of people. I recognize every single name there, and there were 40 questions to choose from. Otherwise,
A great insight into chief 305.
Still waiting on some toasty regards PR…


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