IFC HypedFlyer2019

Does anyone know who this is? I can’t find him.

Any more context?

Is he IFATC or a regular pilot?

Normal pilot who is currently on expert at KORD

Well, not all Infinite Flight players use the forums.

I know but he has IFC in his name

Well, the person has IFC - HypedFlyer2019 in their name, so by having IFC in their name means that they’re probably on the forum.

Yes. I know that. But, he still might not have an account on the forums.

I said that, because I searched for IFC users, and his name does not pop up.

Do you mind providing a screenshot of his name on Infinite Flight?

The person has IFC in their name which makes it little confusing for people trying to look for him/her. Anyway I’m currently doing a flight, so I can’t provide you a screenshot.

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Some people just put “IFC” in their name because other people do it. I see it often.

What is his callsign?

Maybe this will help?

He keeps changing it.

Then I don’t know what his username then.

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