IFC History


Oh didn’t see that, sorry


All good 🙃


The easiest way to find older topics is to search a date filter, for example:


In the search bar above.

It brings up a list of topics posted in the first few months of our community. It is really interesting to look though them and see how far our community has come!


What’s your favorite?


Probably this one



Welcome to the official Infinite Flight Community First thread!


Incredible to see that Jason was a simple user on 2015 and grown to be granted moderator 3 years after


I laughed so hard at that.


Phillipe joined April 30th as well. It might’ve been Laura was asleep when the IFC was created😂


Here’s my first created topic From July 2015. So much has changed in the sim and community since then. Fun to flashback to old threads and some of the people active on the community forum back then.



Wow! That looks like so long ago.


From what I heard about history, Philippe created the IFC, so he and system were probably the first users.

Don’t forget about Philippe XD


I joined the IFC same year it was created, back in July I think - it’s crazy to think it’s been like 5 years!

It really doesnt feel that long!

Back when the IFC started out it had the general section, and live section - keep in mind this was all preglobal and the Live servers I think.

After live you would have people fly around the same region for ages and do touch and goes.

Things have really changed, it used to be so much smaller but its grown a lot!


There was originally, before the forum, a shout box embedded within the Infinite Flight website which I was a part of. @Henrik disputes the existance of said shout box to this day.

But if I remember correctly, this was created first for beta users, then it was opened to general public.


And first ever feature request!