IFC History


Who knows when the IFC began? I think it would be interesting to learn about the history of the IFC. What kind of topics dominated the early years of the IFC?


@system and Laura joined at 1 may 2015, so the community was created then. I don’t know what topics were actual at that point


Same, I just joined a year ago, so don’t know a lot about the history >_^


Who is the user behind @system


No one. @system is completely automated like @discobot


Omg this is sooo off topic but soo fun😂😂


Only Laura joined on May 1st. System joined April 30th



Yeah Boy. Fun times


Agreed!!! I already know someone is going to get angry


Imagine a time when Laura was the only one here.


And the other question. What kind of things did they talk about in 2015


Not angry, just disappointed 🙃

@BadPlane @Olliebollie999 you can PM @discobotand play around with him there ;)


Look at the first answer…


Cool @DiamondGaming4


Did anyone else get flagged about the disco bot?


Yes, please do not use it in a public channel.


Yeah. Me and @Olliebollie999 did


Ok, sorry. I was excited.


You said they both joined on May 1st, but @system joined before that.


I might retreat into a discobot pm for 3 hours.