IFC Gametime [November 2020] - Guess the Airport

Orange Caritat ?

It’s LZTN.

  • It’s in Australia.
  • Class Echo
  • Close to the sea.

No responses for 12 hours, so I guess I’ll go.

  • Located in Italy
  • Shouldn’t be confused with an airport in Indonesia
  • Base for Ryanair
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Bologna maybe?

Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla (LIBD) @SimpleWaffles

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Yep, correct! Your turn

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  • Located in South Africa
  • Hub for South African Airways
  • ICAO is a word.

pretty easy tbh

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Capetown Airport. (FACT)

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Correct! Your turn.

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★ Located in an island nation.
★Last 2 letters of ICAO has the countries representative letters.
★ Airport is the hub for Flyme.

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Villa Airport Maamigili (VRMV)

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Correct! Your turn.

  • Near South America
  • Class Charlie Airport
  • Not a hub for any airline.

On the Southwest the taxiway looks like a racing track

EGYP someone take my turn
I’m not sure if “near South America” is correct - wouldn’t it be in SA?

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Like off the coast, but correct.


  1. In alaska
  2. Gravel runway
  3. Purple icon.

Is that in the main area of Alaska?