IFC Gametime [November 2020] - Guess the Airport

IFC Gametime - Guess the Airport

How the Game Works

A Community Member posts a picture of an airport in Infinite Flight. With the picture, the user gives 3 clues about the location of the airport. Other users then have to guess what airport it is. The first user to make the right guess can post the next image.

Rules of the Game

  • The image must show an airport in Infinite Flight. No real-world-aviation images are allowed.
  • Only one picture is allowed to be guessed at the time.
  • The image must show the full airport. It is not allowed to just show an image of a single runway for example.
  • 3 clues about the location of the airport need to be provided with the image.
  • After making the right guess, you have 30 minutes to post the next image. Otherwise, someone else can go next.
  • If the thread hasn’t been active for at least 12 hours, you may post the next photo.
  • If you’re trying to guess an airport, make sure to read the previous comments.
  • No off-topic chatter
  • Topic will be closed at the end of November or when it reaches 10,000 replies; whichever comes first!

Have fun!

Image Source: Infinite Flight Blog: Airport and Navigation Updates - September 2020

More information regarding IFC Gametime may be found below:


Ooh! I like this!

I would like to go first!


  1. It is in North America
  2. It is in my favorite country
  3. It is served by 2 airlines
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Is it in Mexico?

It is not in Mexico

Is that Limon?

Not Limon.


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Yep, you got it


Awesome, someone else can go.

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I first had to search for the airport for like 2 minutes… xD

I will go if you dont mind @Pingu

§ 1: Its located in North America

§ 2: It can produce headache to controllers

§ 3: Although within the App it does have 1 ILS, in real life it only has a LDA Approach

C’mon, its easy

Eagle County Airport

Damm it you are evil, you can go

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Ooh, great to see another IFC gametime, this will be fine!

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I will go then ;)

It’s my turn

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