IFC Gametime, May 2021 - Guess the Infinite Flight airport!

Edinburgh EGPH

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Correct, seems a little old 🙃.

Your turn Thomas!

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Someone can go for me!

I’ll go then!

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  1. one of Deltas many hubs
  2. Was the busiest airport in the world.
  3. Many many Delta planes.

This one should be really really easy.

Detroit Metro?

Nope nope!

Atlanta KATL?


Runway 8R. I didn’t saw that -_-

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Definitely! Good job 👏🏼

Someone else can go for me…

Sure, I’ll go!

United and American flies here

KLM comes here everyday

It is a very unknown airport

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I’m just too quick

TNCB - Bonaire/Flamingo International 😛

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You win! Nice job! I wonder how you knew that airport

Let me guess, my name?

Both that obvious point and had a quick Google search to visualise some features as you were typing, such as local scenery, turnpoints down the runway near 28, 3 main apron areas at the 10 end, and the fact that runway 10 is near the beach. 😂

Anywho, someone else can take my go, I’ll just be guessing mad 🥴

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Sure, I got a good one

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This time it won’t be easy!

I can’t guarantee anything 😈