IFC Gametime, May 2021 - Guess the Infinite Flight airport!


It’s already May and with that comes a new IFC Gametime topic. This month we’re back to the classic. Guessing the Infinite Flight airport!

Rules of the Game

  • Reply with the airport ICAO
  • Use good quality photos only.
  • Only one picture is allowed to be guessed at the time.
  • If there hasn’t been a post in the last 6 hours, you can post the next picture.
  • Aircraft are allowed to be in the shots (can help throw people off)
  • If you’re trying to guess a picture, make sure to read the previous clues.
  • No off-topic chatter.
  • No fictional airports
  • 3D airports are allowed
  • Topic will be closed at the end of May or when it reaches 10,000 replies; whatever comes first!
  • 3 hints must be given about the airport
  • No obvious hints are suggested

For more information regarding the IFC Gametime Series can be found below:

This month’s IFC Gametime topic was created by the IFC Regular Group, with special thanks to:
@CaptainSooraj - Idea
@Tsumia - Banner
@Ecoops123 - Rules
@ThomasThePro - Post Design
@JulianB - Thread


Can I go first?

Go ahead! :)

@PilotChrisSG it would seem that @Starz is starting us off this time 🤠


should be easy!

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Oops 😬 Didn’t realize. Sorry!

CYYZ Toronto… I recognise that in a heartbeat 🙃

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Of course it is. I should have known you would have guessed it lol

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How about this one?

The buildings give it all out lol

Definitely Paris CDG

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That is LFPG, Paris

It was my go anyway 🥺

This is Dubai ;)


Propilot vibes

Oops, that’s not it

Is it my turn?

Wasn’t it @Ecoops123’s turn since he got mine?

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I’ll just do my go as I got the first one right (CYYZ). I really don’t have much other than one airport in my cache so will probably give my goes away 😅


  • This airport may be outdated to its current look.
  • It handled over 14M passangers in 2019
  • All 3 American Airlines have operated 757s here

Edit: This shot is from 2019

That’s hard!