IFC Gametime [March 2021] - Guess The Aircraft & Airline - Cabin Edition

Trans Capital Air?!?

Excellent!! Your turn

Oh, I only know TCA because they leased their Dash 7 to the UN once upon a time

No, Air Tindi is quite a famous operator of the Dash 7.

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I will be away for 20 minutes now…

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  • European airline
  • It operated the Avro RJ-100
  • Livery+Aircraft is included in my event

That Swedish airline? BRA I think?

Air Europa 738

Not swedish

Both things incorrect

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Brussels Airlines

Yeah, but what plane?

Is that a 737ng?

A319 for sure

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Airbus A319?

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It is not a 737NG

Yes, Brussels Airlines A319! (that was faster than I expected)

Was mine not first?

Felix got it first :(

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Will take it i have class @W_LL