IFC Gametime [March 2021] - Guess The Aircraft & Airline - Cabin Edition


We are approaching the first quarter of 2021 already, and with that comes a new IFC Gametime topic. This month we’re back to the classic, but with a twist. Instead of guessing the aircraft and airline by photos of the outside of the aircraft, this time users will be guessing the aircraft and airline from the inside, from photos of the cabin.

Rules of the Game

  • Use good quality photos only.
  • Only one picture is allowed to be guessed at the time.
  • If there hasn’t been a post in the last 6 hours, you can post the next picture.
  • Users must be able to guess what aircraft and livery the picture shows. Posting an empty cabin of an Airbus A320 and saying “Guess The Livery” is unfair.
  • If you’re trying to guess a picture, make sure to read the previous clues.
  • Do not cheat by using reverse image search.
  • No off-topic chatter.
  • No fictional or concept aircrafts.
  • Add a source to the image when posting the answer.
  • Topic will be closed at the end of March or when it reaches 10,000 replies; whatever comes first!
  • 3 hints must be given about the carrier and/or aircraft
  • No obvious airline insignia or logos should be visible.

For more information regarding the IFC Gametime Series can be found below:

This month’s IFC Gametime topic was created by the IFC Regular Group, with special thanks to:

@Alexander_Nikitin - Banner Credits
@Maxim - Post Design
@CaptainSooraj - Initial Idea


I’ll start off:


  1. This is a defunct airline
  2. It was based on the continent of Asia
  3. They had a low-cost subsidiary as well

Edit: Answered correctly by @Maxim - Kingfisher Airlines A330.

Image source: arunrajagopal.com


Air Asia?

Nope. Try again!

Kingfisher 737?

So, so close to a correct answer!

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Kingfisher A320? ;)

Kingfisher A321

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Aaaaaand @Maxim is the next one up!

Adding the image source in the original post.

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It was the A320 :)

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  1. This aircraft type was only flown by one airline.
  2. This airline currently has a low-cost subsidiary.
  3. This aircraft is now fully retired.

EDIT: Source: Tupolev Tu-144 - Aeroflot | Aviation Photo #2047680 | Airliners.net


Five-abreast cabin? Hmm…

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Looks like it will be heavier on the right side…???

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Is it a Lockheed Electra??

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Maybe B727?

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Not quite! Think faster and around the same time (± 10 years). Not a B727 either.

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This is what really stumps me…

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Is the parent airline ANA?

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Nope, but the airline is from the northern hemisphere.

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Do the colors in the aircraft there match the colors of the airline today?

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