IFC Gametime June 2021 - Ultimate Landing Competition

Infinite Flight Gametime: Landing Competition!

The Regulars humbly invite you to show your fellow community members your landing prowess in a month long landing competition, split into 4 separate events!

How the Game works

Over the next 4 weeks, the regulars will host a series of landing competitions in different aircraft at specific airports. The top 5 landings will be awarded points. Winner receives bragging rights :P

Rules of the Game

  • You must verify your landing using IF Operations. Download it here: Android | iOS
  • You must use the correct aircraft, airport and runway of the week, as given in the list below. Other aircraft or airports will not be considered for the competition
  • One entry per competition per user. Results will be judged by minimum fpm at landing
  • You must complete on the Live Servers. Casual recommended
  • Do not cheat
  • Topic will be closed at the end of June and the winner announced
  • If 2 people post the same landing, the first submission will be awarded the points
  • 1st place awarded 5 points, 2nd awarded 4 and so on. Only the top 10 landings will be shown
  • Submit your result as [Username - Landing Speed - IFops report]. For example: @MrPog - 1 fpm - image
  • Results for the following weeks events will be ignored if posted early
  • Submissions close at 12am PST (7am GMT) on the changeover day

Week 1 (2nd to 2021-06-09T06:00:00Z)

Lockheed Martin C-130J @ FHSH 20


Week 2 (9th to 2021-06-16T06:00:00Z)

Boeing 757 @ LOWI 26


Week 3 (16th to 2021-06-23T06:00:00Z)

Airbus A340 @ KSFO 10L


Week 4 (23rd to 2021-06-30T06:00:00Z)

Supermarine Spitfire @ TFFJ 10



Have fun! This one is the most important rule. Lots of fun

More information about IFC Gametime can be found here:

Thread credit @Dan_77
Banner credit @sqeezelemon

Hope you all enjoy.

Sheet for Regulars


Is this a competition? I already won 🙄


I dont have my ipad right now, i wish i could do this


@Dan_77 - 217fpm

One is not good at landing

-Master Oogway

I’m not taking this as seriously as some of you will, this is just an (easy) benchmark


Rocco should enter the CRJ landing competition 👌

Wait we dont have that??.. aww…

Who the heck got stickbugged


This definitely won’t win but I happened to butter a landing earlier so why not try

@NoahM -21 FPM

The landing was also terrible I’m not sure how it was -21

It’s also at completely the wrong airport O.O


brub :|

I lost before you won


I am flying and have IF Operations set. Oh no 777F.

Just a quite note to you all as I’ve noticed a few people haven’t read fully… The competition isn’t any aircraft, it’s a specific aircraft and a specific airport, which can be found in the top thread.

I look forward to seeing how everyone does!


a average ryanair landing…

This certainly sounds like fun!

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@Manav_Suri I think this one’s for you

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I got 43! Took 3 tries.

*@darkeyes - 43 fpm

Here’s the replay if anyone’s interested:


Now I just need to figure out how to use that app :/

The instructions are in the app, and it’s quite simple but I’ll give a quick explanation anyway.

Open the app. Read the instructions.

Open IF. Make sure you have IF connect enabled

Start flight on ground, start engines, set seatbelt/ no smoking if available. Takeoff.

Land. Shut down engines. End flight. Your report is generated in the app, and you can view it.