IFC Gametime [January 2021] - Breakout Competition


Happy New Year IFC! Time to jump into the newly reworked Boeing 757 or the Airbus 359 for a fun competition of Breakout!


Top 3:

Place IFC User Time
1st @Trio 36.4 Seconds
2nd @Grizpac 45.0 Seconds
3rd @Kamryn 47.0 Seconds
Leaderboard Continued
Place IFC User Time
4th @FlightGT 49.0 Seconds
5th @Thunderbolt 60.4 Seconds
6th @Tsumia 84.4 Seconds
7th @JarrettFlies 103.4 Seconds
8th @Butter_Boi 140.0 Seconds
9th @Pilot_Felix 147.0 Seconds
10th @Alec 163.3 Seconds

How the Game Works

If you’ve ever flown the A359 at or above 42,000 feet or the B757 at 39,000 feet, you might’ve noticed a cool feature produced by the Infinite Flight Staff Team. That feature would be the famous Atari game - Breakout!

Follow these steps to get the game started:

  • Takeoff and climb to 42,000 feet or above (A350) or to 39,000 feet (B757 - Only altitude it works at)
  • Go to the ‘Jumpseat View’ (A350) or ‘Interior Drone 1/2’ (B757)
  • Ensure Autopilot is turned on
  • Turn on landing light (B757)
  • Tilt your device side to side and before you know it you will be hooked on the game!
  • Once you break every block, your completion time will be displayed. Take a screenshot of your best and post here. A regular will attempt to update the leaderboard at least once a day

Goal of the Game:

  • Prevent the white ball from hitting the ground by moving the sliding block back and forth. To complete the game and get your score, you need to break every floating block.

Rules of the Game

  • Be honest; don’t lie about your record. Screenshot must be posted below
  • Maximum of 3 entries over the course of the month. Only submit your best
  • No official winner will be crowned until the end of January
  • No off-topic chatter
  • Topic will be closed at the end of January or when it reaches 10,000 replies; whichever comes first!

For more information regarding the IFC Gametime Series can be found below:

This month’s IFC Gametime topic was created by the IFC Regular Group [@TL3]

@Alexander_Nikitin - Banner Credits

Thanks for everyone’s hard work and dedication to the community in 2020! Get ready for an awesome 2021!


Here’s mine.


Nice job regulars! This will be a really fun one

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I’ll have to get back at this. 45.0 is my best. It’s on, Trio 😂

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Y’all are insane…


where is breakout on the 757?

It’s in the TV’s in the cabin. Turn your landing lights above 39,000ft and it should be there. You can use the drone freecam.

And as for the game, heck yes! I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages, glad it’s here!

Gotta beat my record of 140 seconds in I want a chance. 😂

I’m amazed at these times. My best is somewhere near the 3 minutes mark 😂

Cant bother to add myself in

I get up there right?

I had 64 seconds at one point but missed the screenshot 😂

Sorry @Alec, Had to take your third place position 🥉

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Give it a month it’ll be beat. Just got a 52.2, going for a personal best. 😎

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Whenever I have a good run and manage to get less than 10 blocks, the ball decides to glitch into the bumper and it ends my game when it goes through the bumper instead of bouncing.

Every. Single. Time.

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I keep getting occasional lag spikes.

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You can play it in the replay, shouldn’t be any lag there.

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Sorry @Kamryn but I have to take your bronze medal lol

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Nice job! Just added you, I’m working for a position back on the board 😉

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@FlightGT Are you kidding me 😂

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