IFC Gametime - Guess the Airline and Aircraft!

Ok then lol

Dang, I ran out of likes.

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So who’s… Turn???

I’ll wait😁😁😁

It was Alec’s turn, but they’re probably asleep. Time zones are amazing!

I think yeah do you want a go mate!!

I have to go to sleep soon. I think everyone would be back in about 10 hours. Time for a long haul flight!

🤦🤦 all of you will active if its night time here izoke

Xiamen air 738

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Huh?? Theres no riddles in this time

Quite difficult

Is it a Helicopter?

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I can see literally nothing…

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I’ll give you one hint… you see about half of this flying vehicle. It’s tiny.

Yes, it’s a helicopter.

is it boeing Vetol?

Not that.

Hint #2: Those are some pretty skies. They almost seem other worldly.

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This thingey

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omg, wow… never would have guessed that lol

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Mars Ingenuity Helicopter!

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