IFC Gametime - Guess the Airline and Aircraft!

Guess the Airline and Aircraft

Join us in guessing airline and aircraft from a picture that a user posts; our first IFC Gametime! Show your fellow community members the knowledge you have about airplanes and liveries!

How the Game works

A user posts an image that shows parts of an aircraft. Other users then have to guess what aircraft and airline it shows.

Rules of the Game

  • Only one picture is allowed to be guessed at the time
  • If there hasn’t been a post in the last 12 hours, you can post the next picture
  • Users must be able to guess what aircraft and livery the picture shows. Simply posting a white nose of an Airbus A320 and saying “Guess The Livery” is unfair
  • If you’re trying to guess a picture, make sure to read the previous clues
  • Do not cheat by using image reverse search
  • No off-topic chatter
  • No fictional or concept aircrafts
  • Add a source to the image when posting the resolution
  • Topic will be closed at the end of September or when it reaches 10’000 replies; whatever comes first!

And most importantly: Have fun!

More information about IFC Gametime can be found here:


Wow, I’m surprised it’s back, thanks Marc!


Let’s use this topic for the actual game! If you have comments or question about IFC Gametime, feel free to head over to the info topic!

Whoever posts the first picture starts the game 😊


So who goes first?

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Guess I’ll go

Guess the aircraft and livery:



737-800? And Alaska?

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I’ll assume that’s a special livery.

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Yep, it’s special

It’s a 737-800


The one from Marc is a Lufthansa Cityline CRJ900

China Southern 737-800, Guizhou Special livery.

See this bit. @Rand1

That’s much closer than Alaska’s 737, but not the exact livery.

Is its every 12 hours a new pic

Is it an airline from Europe?

Nope, not from Europe

That’s after the last post, way more than the 1 minute.

Wow, this is back.

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China easter airlines 737-800

Not China Eastern

Xiamen Air? B737?