IFC Gametime [December 2020] - Two Truths and a Lie


Happy holidays! Join us for Two Truths and a Lie: Aviation Edition. Learn about other’s real-world and Infinite Flight aviation experiences, while also sharing your own. Please have fun and enjoy guessing!

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How the Game Works

A community member posts 3 statements relating to Infinite Flight or real-world aviation, 2 of which are true and 1 of which is a lie. Other users may guess which statement is the lie. The original user will reveal which one was the lie after the lie is correctly guessed. The first community member to have guessed that statement wins and may start the next round.

Rules of the Game

  • Be honest; don’t lie about your truths

  • No off-topic chatter; bring conversations regarding one’s statements to a PM

  • Only one round can occur at any one time

  • You may only guess once per round

  • After winning a round, you must post your statements within 30 minutes, otherwise anyone can start the next round

  • If the thread hasn’t been active for at least 1 hour, you may start a new round

  • Topic will be closed at the end of December or when it reaches 10,000 replies; whichever comes first!

Example Game

More information regarding IFC Gametime can be found below:


I’ll make my first one RWA themed:

  1. I have dropped a pumpkin 1000 feet out the window of a glider
  2. During a flight lesson, the door of my Cessna blew off mid-flight
  3. I have never flown a Cessna 162

I’m gonna say this one.

This one

Incorrect! During a flight lesson in 2017, the left side door blew off mid flight at around 3000 feet AGL. Nice breeze, little scary though, haha.

Keep guessing!

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There really are not many of them around anymore. Its all just 170s, 180s, and 150s.


Also incorrect! At my glider club, they host a “pumpkin drop” every year, where you drop a pumpkin out of a glider at 1000 feet onto a spray painted target. It was fun! I missed, though.


This was the lie. I have flown on several C162’s, in fact the door incident happened on a C162. Fun fact: the C162 has gullwing doors! This ended up being the cause of the accident.

@Mattheus goes next!

Okay baby!

Here are mine, sort of a mix of RWA and IFC:

  1. The only airport I have ever spotted at is PDX.
  2. I have only flown on an aircraft 4 times in my life.
  3. My IFC account is a satire.

Fake I believe

Nope. That is a truth. Technically speaking, I have only flown on airlines 4 times, I have flown a plane twice. So it was a half-lie.

Then this is your lie?

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I’m going to guess this one.

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Si senor. I have spotted at CYVR, KLAX, CYNJ, and KVUO.

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Cause your IFC account is definitely a satire lol


Just to reiterate something here guys:

The person who posts the three statements should not reply until someone guesses one of the options correctly. Giving away the information about what’s true and false before all of the guesses are in would then mean that some guesses will not be guesses at all, but definitive answers.

For example if statement (a) and statement (b) are true, then statement © must then be false.


@Mattheus, who goes? @ran or myself?

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@ran goes.

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I think Ran because he said it first

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It shows up as me, lol. Go ahead, @ran.