IFC Gametime - A Monthly Series of Fun Topics

Hello everyone!

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce IFC Gametime to you, a monthly series of fun topics brought to you by our Regulars and the Moderation Team!

What is IFC Gametime?

IFC Gametime is an official monthly fun topic which will be posted on the IFC. This can be everything, from “Guess the Aircraft” to “What would your Airline look like?”.

Who will create those fun topics?

Except for this one here, all topics will be created by IFC Regulars. They come up with ideas for a new fun and interesting topic each month.

Can I make a topic suggestion?

For now, these topics will be created and designed by our Regulars.

When will these topics be posted?

We’ll post them at the beginning of each month (no set date) and keep it open until the next topic is published.

What if the topic reaches 10'000 replies before the end of the month?

Topics with more than 10’000 replies will be automatically closed by @system. The next topic will be published on time at the beginning of the next month.

A Word from the Moderation Team
When the new Real World Aviation rules were introduced, the original “Guess the…” and “Would you rather…” topics were closed as they required an extensive amount of moderation. However, we also believe that these topics added a fun and interesting aspect to the community which we haven’t forgotten. By adding more moderators to our team over the last months and having IFC Gametime in an official environment, we’d like to bring these topics back to the IFC now. Have fun!

When does it start? Now!

We’ll start this series with a good old “Guess the Airline and Aircraft” topic. Join us in guessing airline and aircraft from a picture that a user posts! Show your fellow community members the knowledge you have about airplanes and liveries!




Nice - looking forward to seeing how this evolves


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one


A question about the topic: After someone guesses a photo correctly, can you post another one? Or you have to wait 12 hours?

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Traditionally, whoever guesses correctly gets to immediately post the next picture for everyone else to guess.

The 12 hour rule is only if no one has posted anything within the last 12 hours, so someone can revive the topic and post a new picture to guess.

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Oh ok

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This is a great edition to the community forums. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!!

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If the previous topics necessitated an extensive amount of moderation causing them to be shut down, and there are enough moderators to combat this now, why are these topics only now allowed from certain users?


A pleasant surprise!

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What’s important to remember is that we’re still an Infinite Flight Community. General aviation plays a huge part in it but the main topic here is Infinite Flight. We’re bringing these fun topics back on a monthly basis, which is 12 topics per year. Now, we can either post these topics ourselves, or we work together with community members. We have decided on the latter. And although every community member can participate in these topics, at the moment it is only our TL3 users who post them, which also has logistical reasons. We want to ensure that there’s some variety in these topics and not just 10 Parts of the same thing over and over again 😊


Nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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I’m surprised and happy!

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