IFC Feature Request- Support Template

Morning/ Afternoon all

Been thinking recently, might be a good idea if we have a default template that users have to fill out when posting a #support topic, similar to what we have now in the #live:events category.

An example could be:

Please check Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

IF Version Information: 20.01

Device Information: Google Pixel 4xl, Android 11

Summary of Issue: People not adding enough information in a #support topic, meaning people asking the same questions and the thread often becoming confusing

What I have done to try fix this: Made a pretty lil #meta topic, cool isn’t it?

Any further information: This could be something such as “the issue only happens when I’m charging my device” or “I am using beta device software” or “it’s only present on xx aircraft in xx livery”

Screenshots: insert image of me loosing my mind reading 1 line support topics

Of course, this could be simplified or tweaked etc, but I personally think this could help streamline the support process on the forum massively. Currently we have a topic posted where someone says “help sim crashed plz fix now” and that’s it, no further information given. The next 5 replies are people typically asking “what device are you using” or “clear cache” (grrrrrr). This would prevent this whilst also making sure the OP fills out the minimum required information.
The people that float around the #support category (myself included) can hopefully help out the OP quicker and more efficiently with the information provided.
Win win?


Great idea @Kirito_77, feel that this would definetly make it less difficult for the community to indentify the problem. Here’s an imaginary vote. 🗳️


Voting aswell :)



I think you know me well enough to know that I’ve brought this up a couple of times before.

There are arguments against it though which I currently think outweighs the benefits of having it.

  1. People backs down when they have to fill in a template.

  2. Template irrelevant for the issue.

  3. They leave it all empty or fill it out wrong.

This is something that we noticed quite a lot of during #open-beta as well. I know, to many of us it would seem to be extremely trivial.

I will have a look at something simple though, as I recognize that something needs to be done.


Thanks for the reply Seb, I’m pretty sure I’ve had this conversation with you before :D

Just hoping to bring it to light to other people, hopefully something works out in the end


Wouldn’t that make your job easier? 😝

@Kirito_77 I’m in full support of this! Nicely done!

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We don’t want people to go around silent about issues.

I know, I was kidding. I agree that it might be an issue if people stop reporting issues because of a template. Maybe make it optional, then?

Nope, there’s not. It’s either ON or OFF.

Ah. If it’s enabled, can the OP delete the template and post as usual? Or does Discourse set a true/false statement where the template must be met in order to create the topic?

You can just delete the post. You’ll notice some people do that in #screenshots-and-videos

Probably a reminder sentence as a template would be a good compromise (“Thanks for reaching out! It would be great if you could please include … into your post. Thank you!”) in my opinion.

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