IFC event list

Hello people!

I want to ask for a thought from all of you.

Earlier today I almost forgot about an event I signed up for (Thanks to @AirCanada11 for reminding me) so I though, what if the IFC has a signed up event feature. When you are in summary, you can click on it and find out.

Once you click on it, you can find events you signed up for, like this:

Tell me down below, thanks!



There’s a few ways you can set some self-reminders for these events:

When creating an event, users can set reminders to ‘remind’ people of their events at a custom time set to anytime they wish.

You’re also able to save the post/topic to your bookmarks with a reminder on the IFC at any custom time you wish (also meaning you can view your bookmarks at any time), or can even add to your Google Calender so you won’t forget!

I hope this helps contribute towards your tracking of events. :)


Personally I just bookmark and watch the topic

You can also set an alarm on your phone/iPad :)

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