IFC Emails not sending

Hey Yall,

I got a pm from system and it said that IFC hasn’t been able to send emails to my email. (Yes alot of Emails in that sentence) I checked my email and yes it isnt sending. The email is working as I received something from ForeFlight today.

Any help would be apprecieated,

Hi, Do you have the same options in your settings?

Ya I havent changed them since joining as I rarely use that email.

Last email was from Dec. 15th

Um, do you remember the email address you registered with when you created your IFC account?

Make sure your case doesn’t fall under those 6 categories:

I haven’t heard this issue tbh… Could op you please go to preferences -> email and screenshot that. It might help us figure out what happens.

By the way, I did a quick search in discourse meta and I found something similar, let me know if it helps you:

I can assure you that the email is valid.

The option 20160 is very weird. I brought it up to the discourse staff team:

It also appears for me.

Just tried something in your account settings. Let me know if that works or not via DM.

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I will let you know!

Yes that worked! Thanks Misha!

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