IFC editing menu

This is a pretty dumb issue that i’m having but its still bothering me. I was in the IFC editing menu for a post and I dragged the blue bar to the top and now I can’t drag it back down

That blue bar which is slightly covered by the yellow is where you can drag the size of the editing menu but it won’t let me move it.


What device are you using when editing on IFC?

I’m on a Mac

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I had the same issue. The bar is actually added by Infinite flight and is not a part of the base discourse website, which causes problems like this. Were you in full-screen mode when this happened? You can go out of full screen and the bar should be below the yellow strip again.

It happened in Full Screen. However I tried to drag it down in both screen and not. And the yellow bar was still covering it the same.

I recommend exiting full screen and resizing the window to make it reconfigure the layout which can make that bar more reachable, that works on my Mac and iPad when it gets stuck just out of reach

I just tried that. I was even able to see those little lines but it seems that if there is any yellow at all, I can’t adjust the size.

Are you able to make the window taller? Perhaps moving it downwards off the screen a little and stretching it more?

I tried all sort of stretching and squishing and funky movements. But there was still of yellow there and it was blocking me. Even though I saw the lines

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Usually stretching works for me

Perhaps reload the page and/or browser?

I’ve tried refreshing the tab and different pages. Still doesn’t fix it. My IFC is still fine on Safari but I typically use Chrome.

I’m going to try and restart my Mac, I’ll be back in a few mins to tell you how it goes.

I’m not sure what restarting the Mac would do because it sounds more like a chrome thing and not a macOS thing (do let us know if it works though because that could be something to keep in mind for the future)

perhaps it’s some sort of cookie in Chrome’s storage if Safari is fine, and the cookie being one IFC has with some layout settings

The reason this is happening is that the orange bar is not actually part of the discourse. You can see in some other communities the bar is not present.

The bar is manually added by Infinite Flight, so you can move your text editor under the bar because it would be fine in other communities. The bar then blocks the option to move the text editor back.
The bar being manually added is also the reason it detaches off the header sometimes, like this

This was brought up in a separate topic:

before the bar was only causing some visual bugs, now since this has come up, it might be a good idea to remove it.

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so is there currently a way to get around it?

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the restart didn’t work

You mentioned safari doesn’t have the issue, so perhaps use that until IFC works better on chrome on your mac

It probably would have the same issue. I just didn’t drag it to the very top like and idiot yet lol

for the time being, perhaps don’t drag the bar to far up and use Safari for now

An idea i had (based on chrome having the issue vs safari not having it) is to clear chrome’s cookies - the things where IFC could store the data of where the bar is, among other things. If it were stored server side then safari would be impacted too. (don’t quote me on that though). Again just an idea

A downside to that is that you’d half to re-sign in to websites when you visit them again and some other data would be deleted

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I can confirm, that does work, just logging out and logging in does the trick too.

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@JMacMcd give the above reply a try

I’ll note this for the future so in case someone else gets this issue down the line

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