IFC Debate Topic Voting (Closed)

Hang on, didn’t Airbus make a video proving the exact opposite to your claims?

Yea, but these claims i have proof. I did my IB business project and part of it was STEEPLE analysis.

Wow. That is pretty cool how you know all that. What are your sources?

At least as the pilot in a Boeing, you outrank the autopilot. There’s really no reason for a yoke since you normally fly with one hand anyways and obviously IOS is the better operating system. It has better security (FBI admitted it), better quality, and there’s only one company (Apple) that is allowed to use it. Android has all different companies using it and they still barely compete with Apple. That alone should prove something to you.

It has begun.

I see no need for this…

This topic isn’t for debating.

Once again. It’s really talking about Infinite Flight or aviation in general ?

Don’t talk about non-IF specifics things

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