IFC Debate Topic Voting (Closed)

Vote which Topic should first be debated on. This will be reflected on the topic of the IFC Debate

  1. Boeing or Airbus
  2. Android or IOS
  3. Yoke or Joystick
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If not liked then suggestions will be accepted.


What happened to Bombardier & Embraer? This is sad.


Airbus vs Boeing/Joystick vs Yoke is pretty much the same, and will end up being Boeing against Airbus. It´d be cool, tho.


I would suggest widening your topic selection and making them more accessible to the members who will be debating. I have absolutely no idea about how or why a yoke or joystick would be better. I don’t even fly well. Mats would have the advantage as he has sim experience with the 737. I can’t even tell the difference between the two.

More broad topics would be appreciated.


I was thinking about it.

More the reason it should be there.

Ill have it in the next poll then.

I think we already have topics on all 3.

Yeah, well it will probably create huge arguments.


You had to know which way this was gonna go.

I’ll kick it off.
Without Boeing, Airbus wouldn’t exist. That is all.

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Thats not true, but let’s not make this to a Boeing vs Airbus Topic, yet.

It too, is true.

No Boeing, no going. Not even for airbus.

This isnt the Debate yet

I debate that point. :-D

I can add you to make it even.

Without Boeing, there would be no need for the Europeans to challenge the Americans in the civil aircraft market, would there?

Closed already? Geez, it’s only been 3 hours and 37 voters. I’m sure more than half of the people participating in the debate haven’t even seen this topic yet haha.

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You make a good point.

True lmao Henrik makes a good point

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Right but it only matters how they are doing now. I personally think Airbus is doing better at the moment, of course, Boeing is doing really good. But airbus has been receiving illegal subsidiaries and that is the only reason they are able to push the a350 and a320 neo in the same year. Then with Boeing, in America it has to follow tougher regulations and suppliers are farther away.

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