IFC cuts off 1080P standard resolution

Hopefully, someone higher up knows, what’s the deal with the IFC cutting off 16:9 1080P images? This is a world standard resolution and aspect ratio, is it not supported? Seems awfully strange. Currently using Chrome for my browser with the latest version.



I’ve noticed this with my spotting photos as well. Also using Chrome.

Same with me as well

Also an issue on Safari (iOS), has been there for ages


Please disregard the message below… Sorry!

I always upload on iOS Safari and don’t think it’s ever been an issue (please stick with me for a second…)

It seems as though this may be controlled on the admin side of the forum. There is a setting that dictates how big an image can be until it gets cropped.


Oh Seb, we need you!

Any update on the situation?

The entire forum is however not in 1920x1080, so it needs to be thumbnailed or it would cover the entire screen and you wouldn’t be able to see a thing.

Or am I completely misunderstanding the issue here?

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I think the OP’s problem is that IFC is cropping a piece from the right (including the UI) instead of the picture (and UI) filling 100% of the horizontal post space.

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Yea, I think @Alexander_Nikitin gets it. I think it used to not be cropped like that, but I’m not sure when it changed.

Seems like a CSS element causing the issue to fit the wrapper of the main post or replies.

I’ve brought this up with Discourse. It could be on our end with our custom theme, but checking both ends.

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Discourse made a minor change on our site that should have improved things now.


It seems they’ve made some other changes as well.

They always do :)

I personally don’t like what they did. The parts of the profile area on mobile is different.

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