IFC Community Airshow Events 2021/22


I’ve created this thread to grab the attention of anyone who intends to host an airshow themed event this year or next year.


The goal is to create a calendar of events to prevent any overlap or conflict between them. Typically if two events are held within the same month, the shows become dry due to the same performers/displays etc. By establishing a calendar of events we can set aside time to attend these events early on, hype can be built early, performers can practice beyond a month’s notice, sponsors & partnerships can be developed in a timely manner and of course the events will not interfere with one another.


The calendar itself will contain 12 slots, one per month, and each slot is first come first serve. By limiting events to just one per month the outcome of an event will not be affected by the previous event as much as it would be if the show was scheduled within 1-2 weeks compared to 3-5.


Month Day Year Title Location Host
July 2 2021 Royal International Air Tattoo RAF Fairford @User
August 29 2021 Chicago Air & Water Show Chicago Lakefront @User

Communication is key, state your interest in hosting an event and what day/month/year you intend to reserve so that every other hosts can coordinate with you.


So if you are planning on hosting an airshow event on the IFC this year or next year please comment below so I can add you to a group chat where we can start planning out the calendar.

This thread was created by event management of the Virtual Airshow Council (VAC) the leading airshow organization on the IFC since 2019.

Sidenotes- The calendar I spoke of will not be posted publicly, this thread will not be used for that purpose. This is an event centered thread but is not an actual event thread, if this is the wrong category please let me know so that I can change it. Thanks


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