IFC Awards 2022: Results

The 2022 IFC Awards - Results

Happy New Year! I am excited to reveal the winners of this (last?) year’s awards after a great round of voting. As per the norm, there will probably be some controversy, but with that in mind, please refrain from stirring up arguments and the such in the replies.

I would like to thank @LordWizrak for his assistance in the hosting of these awards, as well as @sqeezelemon for the graphics that were used.

I’d also like to recognize @RTG113 for continuing to not know how to fly. There’s always next year…

And now, the awards. The votes are final and will not be altered in any way.

Section One: Users

Best Staff Member: @Tyler_Shelton
Best Moderator: @DeerCrusher
Best IF Photographer/Videographer: @Kostas_K
Best Profile Picture: @DeerCrusher
Funniest Community Member: @DeerCrusher
Strictest Moderator: @schyllberg
Most Knowledgeable Community Member: @schyllberg
Best Infinite Flight Pilot: @CrazyBee
Best Real World Spotter: @AndrewWu

IFC User of the Year: @ToasterStroodie

Section Two: Forum

Best Spotting Topic: Spotting at Newark except the shutter speeds keep getting progressively more stupid
Best Screenshots/Videos Topic: Ryanair in a nutshell
Best Community Tutorial: E175/190 Profiles Guide
Best VA/VO Thread: Airfrance-KLM VA Official Thread | 2020 | Elevating the Love of Flight!
Funniest Topic: Your “are you serious right now” moment in infinite flight
IFC Topic of the Year: Battle of the Heavies Community Poll
IFC Post of the Year: “if I feel that I am being wronged for something I am paying monthly, I will sue, because that is my right!

Section Three: Community Organizations

Best Virtual Airline: Air France-KLM Virtual (AFKLM)
Best Virtual Organization: Infinite Flight ATC (IFATC)
Best New VA/VO: Breeze Virtual (MXYV)
Best VA/VO Staff Member: @Manav_Suri
Best IFATC Controller: @NJ24

Section Four: In-Game

Best Livery: jetBlue Blueprint E190
Best 3D Airport: Los Angeles International (KLAX)
Best Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Best Update: 22.8
Best New Feature: Taxiway Lighting

Section Five: Media/Miscellaneous

Best Third-Party Website/App: Simbrief
Best Infinite Flight Related Social Media Account: IF Scenery Editing (IG)
Best Third-Party Developer: @A-FitzGerald
Best Infinite Flight Related YouTube Channel: AviatorDan

That’s a wrap on 2022, I hope you enjoyed the 2022 IFC Awards. Until next year, let’s have some fun reflecting on what was a great year in this thread, happy new year, and may you have the best 2023!


Congratulations to everybody whose name made this list! You all worked hard for it and deserved it well. @moderators thank you for all the work you have done for the IF community. I am looking forward to this upcoming year, and many more to come.

Also thank you to everybody else on the IF community. This has been my first year here, and I have really enjoyed it. You guys are all the best. Have a great 2023 everybody.

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Congrats everyone!



Anyways. Congratulations to the winners. Let’s have a great 2023!


Thanks for all your votes that made this title possible. I would love to tag everyone that have voted for me but i don’t know them all and it would be alot i think. So thanks to all of you. Specual tahnks to the closest people @Luu @Nefarious @Robert_NG001 @Marcel_NG002 @fesa84 @Black_Bird @XY_MAGIC for this fantastic 2022.


Congratulations to everyone that came out on top for their respective categories/awards!

That being said, whether or not you “won” or not, all of us are unique individuals that contribute to the community in our own each and different ways.

Thanks to everyone for making 2022 a great year on Infinite Flight and the IFC. I’m looking forward to what this year has in store and the new friendships made.

Congratulations again!


Congrats to all winners!

I’m excited to see what 2023 has in store :)

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Special thanks to those who voted me for funniest topic of the year, it would t be possible without this beautiful community! I will continue to make funny topics and even make more varieties of topic in general, thank you guys. :)

I have a question… What really defines “the best pilot”?


Glad to be the CEO of this amazing VA! Thanks everyone who voted for it!

Good question i don’t know its the community that can answer that i think.

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Doing the complete opposite of how you fly on Infinite Flight… 😉😜


Well i personally think the “Best pilot” role wpuld go to someone who maintains the realism, has a sense of proffesionalism, is mature, and flies to the highest of standards, Congrats on the Award @CrazyBee


Of course this won…

Congratulations to everyone who won! Here’s to a successful 2023 for Infinite Flight!

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let me suffer in peace


I have two examples:

To land smoothly two 747-8 at the same time in Frankfurt with 10 seconds difference

Or to taxi ( the front gear perfectly aligned with the taxi way strip ) while you land 100% perfectly with the MD-11F in Hongkong

Without no doubt … he is one of the best pilots in IF


Man what a day to be the Event & Route manager of @AF-KLM_VA. Best VA for the 2nd year in a row.
Also congrats to all winners! 2022 was a great year for sure!

Also, now that we won the ‘Best VA’ award, I can now say that at least France & the Netherlands have won something in 2022 :D

@Manav_Suri What a job! Hats off for you. All the work you’ve done, all the time you spend for this VA… Crazy, just crazy, can’t even describe it. I would not be a part of this great VA without you and not be in the position without the trust you, @Jean-Pierre_Krop and @John370 have in me.

@Woutopia we keep rocking on those routes! You also made my life easy with the amount of work you put in the routes. Great to be part of this!


Congratulations everyone!

You’re missing one, and you know exactly what it is.


By definition, not you, considering you’re the fake pilot in here.