IFC Awards 2021: Results


The 2021 IFC Awards - Results

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 2021 IFC Awards. It was a great turnout, and we are excited to reveal the winners of each category for this year’s awards. As per the norm, there will probably be some controversy, so please refrain from stirring up arguments and the such in the replies below.

But first, some special shoutouts…

To @lucaviness, @Pingu, @Drummer, and @LordWizrak for their assistance in making these awards possible, as well as @sqeezelemon for assisting in creating some amazing graphics (they didn’t make it into these awards, but they’ll look great for next year!).

And, some awards that I have given on behalf of myself and myself only.

Worst Pilot: @RTG113 - somehow, I believe that the worst pilot is a better pilot than the best pilot
Most Upside Down Aussie: @Adam - vegemight regret giving you this award
Canadian Spirit Award: @Evan - maple syrup shortage, no problem
Most Musical Musician: @Drummer - hey look you won something
Most Athletic Runner: @Robertine - nothing sandy about this award
Best Ramper/Luggage Thrower: @ToasterStroodie - throwing bags in the Potomac with ease
Is He Still Alive? Award: @Luke_M - crickets
Fastest Swimmer: @Rhys_V - still jealous
Most Cultured in Food: @LordWizrak - no explanation needed
Best Fake Pilot: @DeerCrusher
Worst Attempt at Trying to be Funny by Making Fake Awards: @Thunderbolt

And now, the awards that actually mean something…

The votes are final and cannot be altered in any way, shape, or form. Since these votes were multiple choice, there was no human counting of votes, and therefore, do not ask us for a recount. The winner is listed next to the name of the category, with the runner-up or second place vote-getter listed in parentheses.

Section One: Users

Best Staff Member: @Dan (2nd: @Tyler_Shelton)
Best Moderator: @DeerCrusher (2nd: @Balloonchaser)
Best IF Photographer/Videographer: @Kostas_K (2nd: @InfiniteFlight_Shots)
Best Artist: @Dan (2nd: @Dan_77)
Best Profile Picture: @DeerCrusher (2nd: @anon85618307)
Funniest Community Member: @jasonrosewell (2nd: @Robertine)
Strictest Moderator: @MishaCamp (2nd: @Chris_S)
Most Knowledgeable Community Member: @schyllberg (2nd: @DeerCrusher)
Best Infinite Flight Pilot: @Dan (2nd: @CrazyBee)
Best Event Creator: @MishaCamp (2nd: @Kostas_K)
Best Spotter: @Kamryn (2nd: @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX)
New User of the Year: @MSPSpotter (2nd: @N908QD)
IFC User of the Year: @DeerCrusher (2nd: @LordWizrak)

Section Two: Forum

Note: Only the first place result will be recognized in this category.

Best General Topic: Official 21.8 & Airbus A220-300 Tracking Thread by @Balloonchaser
Best Real World Aviation Topic: FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 3] by @Sashaz55
Best Live Topic: Community Members Spotted On Live: Part 5 by @Zachary
Best VA Topic: Airfrance-KLM VA Official Thread | 2020 | Elevating the Love of Flight! by @AF-KLM_VA
Best Events Topic: 25APR21 / 1600Z - SIGNUPS CLOSED: Celebrating 10 Years Of Infinite Flight - @KLAX hosted by @Pingu
Best Screenshots and Videos Topic: Infinite Flight 21.1 fan-trailer by @sqeezelemon
Best Features Topic: Taxiway Lights by @Wingnut1776
Best Tutorial: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!) by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Funniest IFC Topic: Humorous Live Photos by @BluePanda900 (2nd: Aviator Dan Joins Infinite Flight because I thought it was too funny to not be included)
Most Informational Topic: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!) by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
IFC Post of the Year: Official 21.8 & Airbus A220-300 Tracking Thread - #1275 by Asher
IFC Topic of the Year: 10 Years of Infinite Flight! by @jasonrosewell

Section Three: Community Organizations

Best Virtual Airline: Air France-KLM Virtual (2nd: Delta Virtual, Qantas Virtual Group)
Best Virtual Organization: Infinite Flight ATC (2nd: Infinite Flight Aero Brasil)
Best New VA/VO: Air Belgium Virtual (2nd: TAP Air Portugal Virtual)
Best VA/VO Website: Air France-KLM Virtual (2nd: Qantas Virtual Group)
Best VA/VO Staff Member: @Manav_Suri (2nd: @Jason_M)
Best IFVARB Board Member: @mwe2187 (2nd: @Jason_M)
Best IFATC: @Tyler_Shelton (2nd: @NJ24)

Section Four: In-Game

Best Livery: United New Livery (2nd: KLM)
Best 3D Airport: Amsterdam (EHAM) (2nd: Los Angeles (KLAX))
Best Aircraft: 777-300ER (2nd: A220-300)
Best Route: EGLL-KLAX (2nd: EGLL-YSSY)
Best New Feature: 3D Buildings (2nd: Taxiway Lines on the Map)
Best Third-Party Website/App: @Chris_S’s FPLtoIF.com (2nd: @Cameron’s LiveFlight)
Best Social Media Account: @InfiniteFlight_Shots (2nd: @Dan)
Best Third-Party Developer: @Cameron (2nd: @KaiM)
Best YouTube Account: @Dan (2nd: @Kostas_K)

That’s a wrap on 2021, I hope you enjoyed the 2021 IFC Awards. Until next year, let’s have some fun reflecting on what was a great year in this thread, happy new year, and may you have the best 2022!


Why am I not there for worst pilot… :(

Thanks for the results!


You don’t fly on infinite flight for more than 30 minutes at a time


@Asher remember that without me, you’re nothing ❤️


Worse than Rocco? Impossible. You know the runway dip at Leeds Bradford? Who do you think made it?

On a more serious note, congrats to all who were chosen! 2021 was a great year, and I’m looking forwards to the future of the community. 🥂


Congrats to all the winners!

Nah without ur “ability” to get a gf I’m nothing 💀


You act like that ability was there to begin with


@DeerCrusher congrats on winning the best profile picture :D

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We all saw that.

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Saw what? Ur pfp change? 😉

Congrats to the winners.

Yeah hahahah, I messed up aha

New year means new 8-bit corgi background for my profile picture…

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Will it be 4-bit in 2023?

it’ll have more grain than your sandy message to the IFC

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Me when I don’t get worst pilot

Thanks for making this and thanks to everyone who voted for me! Top 1 and Top 2, that’s great, support is much appreciated! 🙌🏼

I feel like this thread needs a little Frank’s Red Hot, so I’m going to go ahead and point out something…

The artist category was meant to be someone who designed liveries or drew stuff…and I’m not sure if Dan has ever done either of those activities before…? I dunno, just found that a bit weird when going through votes.