IFC Awards 2021: Nomination Round

Welcome to the 2021 IFC Awards!

It’s surreal to believe that 2021 is coming to a close, and with that, the arrival of the yearly tradition that is the IFC Awards. Having hosted these awards last year, it is a pleasure to be able to continue this showcase of the IFC’s best users, organizations, as well as Infinite Flight’s highlights of the calendar year 2021. With the help of fellow community members @lucaviness and @Pingu, this year’s awards format has been modified to implement changes based on tendencies and feedback received from last year’s event, and with a brand new voting system highlighting the 2021 IFC Awards, we look forward to spotlighting the best of the IFC.

The purpose of these awards is for you, the community, to vote for your fellow community members who you feel deserve to be recognized for a specific category. With a new two-round voting system, we hope that those who deserve to be recognized will have the appropriate platform, and having a community vote has been and continues to be the best way of highlighting the very best that the Infinite Flight Community has to offer.


In previous years, voting would occur in a single write-in round, with two to four forms and a winner being determined from this single round. However, this year, we have chosen to use a two-round voting system, with the intent of maximizing vote totals and preventing ties, which happened eight times in last year’s awards.

The first round, which will be similar to the single round voting system of years past, will be referred to as the nomination round. In this round, you will have the opportunity to submit any applicable nominee into the respective category. From here, the top five choices from each category will be placed onto a final vote, which will commence seven days prior to the end of the voting period. A second vote will be opened, where you will only be able to choose from the five nominees listed on the final vote. From there, the first and second highest vote tallies will be recognized in the final results.

Important Dates

  • December 6, 2021: Thread Posted
  • December 6, 2021: Nomination Round Voting Commences Through Google Form
  • December 20, 2021: Nomination Round Voting Concludes, Google Form Votes Tallied
  • December 23, 2021: Final Round Voting Commences Through IFC Poll
  • December 30, 2021: Final Round Voting Concludes
  • January 1, 2022: Results Released

Important Rules and Reminders

  • An IFC account is required to participate in voting. Users may be checked to determine legitimacy.
  • The Google Form used in the Nomination Round may only be filled out once. Once responses are submitted, they cannot be altered in any way. Duplicate votes may result in the nullification of all votes related to the user in question.
  • As has been the case in previous IFC awards, all categories are 100% optional. This means that as many categories can be voted upon as the user wishes. However, once responses are submitted in the nomination round, they cannot be altered in any way.
  • There is a brief survey at the beginning of the nomination round, which I encourage everyone to fill out. However, as is the case with the nomination categories, none of the survey questions are required.
  • In typing usernames, please type the full IFC username of the person you wish to nominate. No exceptions will be made to this policy, and any votes with usernames that cannot be traced down will be discarded.
  • The same policy applies for topic links. Please type in either the full name of the topic or provide a direct link to the topic you wish to nominate.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the thread.

List of Awards

There are five sections of voting, each dedicated to a specific aspect of Infinite Flight and the IFC.

Section One: Users

  • Best Staff Member
  • Best Moderator
  • Best IF Photographer/Videographer
  • Best Artist
  • Best Profile Picture(s)
  • Funniest Community Member
  • Strictest Moderator
  • Most Knowledgeable Community Member
  • Best Infinite Flight Pilot
  • Best Event Creator
  • Best Real World Spotter
  • New User of the Year - The nominee for this category must have joined the IFC during the calendar year 2021.
  • IFC User of the Year - You will provide two nominees for this category, and the top six nominees will be placed onto the final ballot.

Section Two: Forum

The following forum categories will have a “Best (category) Topic”, which will be the topic that you think was the best in the specific forum category:

There will also be general categories, which are the following:

  • Best Community Tutorial
  • Funniest IFC Topic
  • Most Informational Topic
  • IFC Post of the Year
  • IFC Topic of the Year

Section Three: Community Organizations

  • Best Virtual Airline
  • Best Virtual Organization
  • Best New VA/VO - The VA/VO nomination for this category must have been IFVARB Approved during the year 2021.
  • Best VA/VO Website
  • Best VA/VO Staff Member
  • Best IFVARB Board Member
  • Best IFATC Controller

Section Four: In-Game

  • Best Livery
  • Best 3D Airport
  • Best Aircraft
  • Best Route
  • Best New Feature

Section Five: Media/Miscellaneous

  • Best Third-Party Website/App
  • Best Third-Party Developer
  • Best Infinite Flight Social Media Account
  • Best Infinite Flight Related YouTube Channel

Nomination Round Voting Form (Voting Status: OPEN)

It’s been a great year for Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community, and we can’t wait to shine the spotlight on the best of the best that this community has to offer. We encourage everyone to participate in the awards voting, have fun, and end 2021 on a high note. Happy Holidays!


Vote for me for being the best profile picture and funniest community member


Always love these, looking forward to seeing everyone’s thoughts.

Damn it, I know who I am thinking of for each category but I am never sure what their exact IFC name is…


@Kostas_K You’re winning in quite a few categories for me! Incredible year from you!


MAH man! That’s the only problem! Now you need to search a bunch of names to find the correct person! Dammit

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Thinking Mode:


Definitely rgba8 ^^

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The real ones say that it’s @Cameron. He always fixes things that he breaks and everyone thinks that he’s a hero.


I say it’s Laura


Obviously @Rhys_V


Here we go… the annual awards for 2021! I love this.
I have already got a few in my mind who I feel its worthy of an award.
Definitely some stiff competition as there’s many of you who have contributed an enormous amount over the past year👏👏👏

I say it’s Philippe (best staff member)

Done voting :-)

This nominates you instantly for funniest member. Congrats pal 😄

Best pilot? Hate to boast but I don’t see anyone else but me or @DeltaMD88Fan pulling a cobra under Boston Tower. 😂


can you vote for yourself

Oh pls, everyone knows Pikachu from Pokémon is literally the best. #animegang jk

Yes, to a reasonable extent.