IFC Awards 2020: The Results

DLVA is the only reason I rejoined Infinite Flight so for that reason alone it should’ve won…


I’m extremely thankful for all that voted for me. This community is truly awesome, and I’m super thankful for those that decided I was fit for the category. Here’s to 2021, and congrats to others that got mentioned! 🍻


I’ll make sure you’re the only one that’ll be allowed to vote for the 2021-awards! Thanks! ;)


Server Access of everyone who votes against you:



Still waiting for the year where I see my name in here…


Congratulations to everyone who won an award next year…here’s to next year.

I’m sorry, but do I not exist or something?


Congrats @MJP_27 and everyone else!

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Apologies for my late reply folks, but I’d like to extend my appreciation to everyone that voted for me this year! While it’s only been around 8 or so months since I joined this community, I can’t thank you all enough for your support and positivity! It’s been a pleasure. Congratulations to everyone else who received an award this year, and here’s to 2021!


Congrats to all who won!

Thanks for your support guys, I was not expecting this result. I would like to thank every pilot that I controlled in 2020, you keep me motivated to improve day to day.

I would like to add that IFATC is a team effort, we do our best in every session to keep the skies safe. Thanks to every IFATC controller, I’ve learned a lot from you guys!

Congrats to the other winners, my best wishes for this year!


Congrats to every single one of you!

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Sorry for late response .
Please wait ?
Is it true that I am the best pilot 😱😱
In fact, I did not dream of even reaching this level except with the help of community members and developers and the love of my fellow pilots.☺️
Thanks to everyone who voted, and a special thanks to my dear @Thunderbolt .

I will send you the bank account number to deposit the cash prize.
Just kidding with you ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Thank you all again for everything you do for this amazing community .



I still think my vote for @DeerCrusher to be the winner of EVERY category should have stayed, but congrats to all! XD

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Also a bit late, but congrats to everyone whose hard work was recognized! Glad to see my tutorial and screenshots were appreciated by the community. Here’s to a great 2021 :)

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Lol. Slight bias? 😂


Can we get another category for next year: Best VA who doesn’t force their pilots to vote for their VA.


First and foremost, we would like to thank ALL of those who voted for British Airways Virtual and celebrated our third award with us. It is an honor to be able to receive the Best Virtual Airline award three years in a row as our entire membership puts an incredible effort into improving BAVA. Regardless, we have our shortcomings and we always aim to do better and appreciate any and all criticism and help along the way.

A special THANK YOU to the hosts of the IFC Awards 2020, @Thunderbolt, @JarrettFlies, @ran, and the V1, Rotate team. A lot of effort goes into making these threads and vote-counting, and we believe YOU make the IFC better with the love you put into it all. We love and appreciate you.

On an additional (and unfortunate) note:

We have noticed similar responses above to British Airways Virtual winning the Best Virtual Airline 3rd year in a row, so we would like to kindly clarify and set the record straight.

As with any other IFC event or engagement, we promoted the IFC Awards 2020 in our VA workspace. We believe that the IFC-VA engagement is an important one and not sure why IFC Awards should not be promoted and shared in VA workspaces. We’re certain that the hosts of the IFC Awards would prefer as much engagement as possible. In addition, maybe not quite obvious to everyone, but it is the membership of a VA who would vote for the Best VA award.

To clarify, below is the only portion of the message that asks if BAVA deserves a vote. We wholeheartedly disagree that our message to the BAVA membership was “forcing” or “telling” anyone to vote. No perks were offered, no bonuses, nothing. We also believe our membership can make up their own minds about whether or not to vote and whom to vote for.

“If you believe we were able to serve you well, that your friends and peers in this community as well as our staff made your VA experience better, don’t forget to visit the IFC thread linked to vote!”

Rather than making the IFC Awards a fun engagement to celebrate the entire community, these uncalled-for attacks make the IFC experience a more negative one. It is our hope that you can join us in celebrating this award amongst the many individuals and organization who received one and put the bitterness aside.

We wish you all a much better year than the last. We do love and appreciate you all.

All our best and clear skies,

-The BAVA Senior Leadership Team


I agree with this! As one of the hosts, I will say I’m surprised at the lack of participation. Despite voting being open for multiple weeks, we had about 100 voters for each form. I was a little disappointed that such a little number of people voted and made me think is people spread the word enough. Some VA’s (not pointing out one…there were multiple) said that they didn’t share this with their VA’s and were sad when they didn’t get the votes. That is indeed unfortunate, but if you don’t share the platform in which you can vote on, how will they even find the means to vote? Especially when people aren’t on the ifc 24/7 to find the link and vote.

Regardless, congrats on the well-deserved win, BAVA! I am proud to be a pilot and I wish you a great 2021!


Congratulations @PocketRishi and @AviatorDan! I knew you guys could do it! I really enjoyed working with Dan on Project Somebody. That was really the highlight of my year. And I also really want to congratulate Rishi as I got to know him a lot more this year. And I want to congratulate everyone who won! Great job guys!