IFC Awards 2020: Results

Credit to @sqeezelemon for the banner and all graphics used in this post.

The Results Have Arrived.

It’s that time of year, the counting of votes has concluded, and we are excited to share the winners of each category, as well as the prestigious IFC User of the Year. We’d like to thank everyone that voted, and even though you may not have won, thank you for being here on the IFC and making the community a better place. We wish everyone the best for 2021 and beyond, and without further delay, the winners of the 2020 IFC Awards.


Best Staff Member: @MishaCamp

Best Moderator: @DeerCrusher

Best Regular: @MJP_27

Best Infinite Flight Photographer: @Suhas

Best IFATC Controller: @Enrique_Fernandez

Best Artist: Tie Between @anon24319801 and @Dan_77

Best Videographer: @sqeezelemon

Best Profile Picture: @DeerCrusher

Funniest Member: @JoshFly8

Most Formal Moderator: @Chris_S

Most Knowledgable Member: Tie Between @DeerCrusher and @Thunderbolt

Best Infinite Flight Pilot: @iidvdii

Best Event Creator: @ran

Best Spotting Photographer: @AndrewWu

New User of the Year: @ToasterStroodie


Best General Topic: Would You Rather: IF Edition

Best Real World Aviation Topic: Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread

Best Live Topic: Community Members Spotted On Live Part 4

Best VA Topic: Delta Virtual Official Thread | Together, We Soar | Celebrating Three Years

Best Events Topic: [CLOSED] [DONATION] [$769.10 raised] Australia on fire @ YSSY-122000ZJAN20

Best Spotting Topic: A Complete Guide To Aviation Photography [2020]

Best Screenshots and Videos Topic: Infinite Flight 20.2 fan-trailer

Best Features Topic: IF Special Livery | Thank You Community 777-300ER | N773IF

Best Ground School Topic: Unofficial Takeoff and Landing Profiles [777 Family]

Funniest Topic: Tie Between The greatest pointless topic and She Confessed - An Alaskan Tour

Most Informational Topic: Complete Guide to Infinite Flight Photography

Post of the Year: Official 20.3 Tracking Thread - #587 by MishaCamp

Topic Of The Year: Vote for Infinite Flight's Next Aircraft - Round 2


Best Virtual Airline: British Airways Virtual

Best Virtual Organization: Infinite Flight Aviation Experts

Best Virtual Airline Website: Delta Virtual

Best Virtual Organization Website: Infinite Flight Aviation Experts

Best New Virtual Airline: Air China Virtual

Best New Virtual Organization: Infinite Flight Global Expert Pilots

Best Virtual Airline Staff Member: @JarrettFlies

Best Virtual Organization Staff Member: @Nate_Schneller

Best Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team Member: @Moritz

Best Third-Party App: @epaga’s IFAssistant

Best YouTube Channel: Tie Between @Dan and @PocketRishi

Best Social Media Page: Infinite Flight


Best Livery: Infinite Flight 2019

Best Airport: Three-Way Tie Between New York Kennedy (KJFK), Atlanta Hartsfield (KATL), and Sydney Kingsford (YSSY)

Best Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Best Route: Auckland (NZAA) to Queenstown (NZQN)

Best Region: Europe

Best New Feature: Instrument Procedures (SIDs and STARs)

Best Update: 20.1

User Of The Year

The biggest of the awards, the IFC User of the Year, an honor given to someone whose dedication, contributions, and character are recognized by the community. Only the best of the best will receive this award, and this year, this is no different. Presenting the top three users of the year.

Third Place: Receiving the third place vote is a staff member whose eccentric lifestyle may seem unusual to many, but in reality, he’s a welcoming, helpful, and outgoing person whose clothing can be turned into liveries, it’s @MishaCamp.

Second Place: It was a three-way tie at second, with Regular of the Year @MJP_27 and his friendly personality, alongside knowledgable member and WestJet Virtual Group colleague @Ecoops123. Another VA CEO joins them, hailing from San Francisco, @ran, the CEO of ANVA and an experienced events creator also made it into the top three.

The 2020 IFC Users of the Year are @Shane and @ToasterStroodie. Both IFATC Supervisors, Shane and Danny have shown unparalleled commitment to their duties at IFATC, and their frequent assistance on the PM is second to none. Both of these users are extremely deserving of the award, and it is our pleasure to present it to them.

Well, that’s it! Congratulations to all of the winners, and we look forward to what will be an amazing 2021 with Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community. Special thanks to @JarrettFlies, @ran, and the team at V1, Rotate for their assistance in making this yearly tradition possible, we look forward to doing this again in 12 months!


Congratulations to all!


I never thought I would get Regular of the year and a place in user of the year…WOW. Thank you everyone!

Congratulations to all of the other winners as well!


Congratulations to everyone!

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These guys really do deserve it so so much. These are the people who make Infinite Flight have one of the most incredible communities!


DLVA got snubbed 😥


Thunderbolt. Most knowledgeable member and MJP best regular. I think we need recount and something else as I doubt that


I demand a recount…

But in all honestly, congratulations everyone… nice work!


We’ll get ‘em next year. 💪🔺


It’s fine, I’m sure we can just ban anyone who thought Josh was funny. Something is clearly wrong there.


I’d be happy to provide that information ;)

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100%, they obviously don’t have a sense of humour… just like Josh. 😂

There should of been a award for the best upside down pilot… we know who would win that! Cough, cough.


It is an incredible honor to even be mentioned in such a prestigious Award Ceremony. Congrats to everyone that won something or even got a vote. All members of the community are truly amazing and we wouldn’t have such an amazing system without everyone.

To start, my VA, Air China Virtual was given the honor of the best new Virtual Airline of 2020. I want to give a special thanks to the founding 4, @JulietTango, @Joseph.Barnett, and @Shane, your hard work certainly doesn’t go un-noticed and this is certainly an indicator that your work is among the best in the community. CAVA will prepare an official thank you statement later, but WOOHOO!

Secondly, thank you to anyone that voted for me as the best VA Staff Member of 2020. Over 90 VA’s and well over 250 staff members, and to think that I come as even a consideration for best staff is honestly the craziest thing ever. I really owe a lot to @Jon_H, @mwe2187, @Blake_Stephens, and all of the staff at any of the VA’s I am apart of. Without their continuous guidance, I wouldn’t have any of the knowledge I do today. I also could not be a good staff member without the help of the best staff team in IF, the staff @OldAirChinaVirtual. You guys keep me on my feet and continue to inspire me daily through the amazing work you all do. This is a win for all of us!

Moving forward I promise to continue serving the VA community to the best of my ability through leadership and innovation. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to anyone that even considered me for best VA Staff of 2020. Here’s to 2021!


Ayyy toastie!


And we all know who would win “Best upside-down person”


Like this post for a recount! I should have won every award 😡

Just kidding, congratulations everyone who won.

You all deserve it. Let’s not get mad at who won and who lost. Let’s keep this civilized because we are all in a community. Not in an evil place where we fight against each other on everything we say.


Thanks for the mention, really means a lot! 🙂

Couldn’t have done it without @Javier_Blancas though, he also deserves lots of credit too. 😉

Congrats to everyone who made it up there along with me!

And even if you either didn’t make it and win an award, you are still a vital part of this community and are great to have around.



Yeah, and we would know who would win best IOM person. The population of the IOM is only 1, so not much competition. 😂


Actually it’s two, you forgot @JayIOM.

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Thank you very much to everyone who organized the 2020 edition of these awards! It’s a beautiful community tradition and I’m already looking forward to the end of this year!