IFC Awards 2020: Public Voting

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IFCA 2020 is here

Greetings IFC! Welcome to the 2020 Infinite Flight Community Awards, co-hosted by @ran, @Thunderbolt, & @JarrettFlies. We’re honored to be hosting IFCA 2020, the IFC tradition of recognizing community users every year! While 2020 hasn’t been the greatest year, we certainly can look back to several amazing moments. But you may ask, what is IFCA?


Well, to answer your question, the Infinite Flight Community Awards, AKA IFCA, is a collection of awards that are given out to community members every year for contributing to making the experience on the IFC better for all users! This year marks the 4th year of awards, with IFCA having started in 2016.

Voting Rounds

If you have already seen an IFCA thread, then you know that our awards are given out based on voting! Having worked with @Marc and the moderators, we decided to keep our schedules in-line to the previous year’s schedule.

We have consolidated voting into two forms of two sections each (Total of 4 sections). You will have nearly 2 weeks to complete both forms & vote for the IFC members you think best represent the qualities that one would have to receive the awards that are given out (list below).

Without further ado, here are the dates you need to know!

  • December 9th, 2020 - Public Voting Opens (Part One: User & Forum-Based)
  • December 11th, 2020 - Public Voting Opens (Part Two: Organization & Game-Based)
  • December 25th, 2020 - Voting Closed
  • December 26th - 31st - Votes Counting
  • January 1st - Awards Ceremony

List of Awards

There are 50 awards up for grabs this year! Here are the list of awards:

User-Based Voting:

  • Best Staff Member
  • Best Moderator
  • Best Regular
  • Best Infinite Flight Screenshoter
  • Best IFATC Officer
  • Best Artist
  • Best Video Creator
  • Best Profile Picture
  • Funniest Member
  • Most Formal Moderator
  • Most Knowledge Member
  • Best Infinite Flight Pilot
  • Best Event Creator
  • Best Planespotting Photographer
  • Top 3 IFC Users Of The Year
  • Best New User Of The Year (Joining IFC in Year of 2020)

Forum-Based Voting:

Organization-Based Voting:

  • Best Virtual Airline
  • Best Virtual Organization
  • Best Virtual Airline Website
  • Best Virtual Organization Website
  • Best New VA (Created in 2020)
  • Best new VO (Created in 2020)
  • Best Virtual Airline Staff
  • Best Virtual Organization Staff
  • Best IFAET (Airport Editing Team) Member
  • Best Third-Party App
  • Best YouTube Channel
  • Best Social Media Page

Game-Based Voting:

  • Best In-Game Livery
  • Best In-Game Airport
  • Best In-Game Aircraft
  • Best In-Game Route
  • Best In-Game Region
  • Best New Feature
  • Best In-Game Update

Voting Forms:

Note: You will be required to sign in through Google to vote (Your personal info will not be collected). If there is a specific question you don’t have an answer to, please type N/A.

We’ve consolidated parts into two. Please be mature & act responsibly while voting. Please also follow any guidelines that may be written in the forms. Note: VA/VO staff members & VA/VO CEOs MAY NOT vote for their own VA/VOs

We look forward to seeing the results, thanks for voting!


I was literally just looking at 2019’s. Can’t wait to see winners :)


Why do you always forget the best IFVARB Leader award? Most likely because you already know… @Jon_H


Just a note to all, I’ve made questions required on the form because we would like the votes to be in relatively consistent numbers on each form.


So glad to be part of this in 2020! I can’t wait to see the outcome!


Just a suggestion: I think that all of the fields should be optional. I, for example, don’t know my favorite artist, so I either need to write in a random name there or pass on voting entirely.


Yep, I’ve heard that quite a few. For the moment, you can type N/A if you’re completing up the thread and don’t have a specific option, but I’ll push out new changes by tomorrow morning (it’s currently 11 PM here & several tasks remaining) to make all questions optional.

Hope that helps you all in the meanwhile, sorry about the inconvenience!


Funny story I actuallly dont know that many names so i cant vote


This looks very interesting I can’t wait to see the results 👀


Casting my vote!


Interesting. Voted!


It would be a crime against Infinite Flight if people didn’t vote @Maxmustang for ‘Top 3 IFC Users Of The Year’.


what is this about?

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Should be interesting as it is ever year. Really nice job on the thread, it’s sleek and formal, I actually really love it.


What does Best Formal Mod mean?

Also, I like this a lot!


@JoshFly8 is all you need to know. 😉

Just submitted my response. Very nice, @ran!


Oh hey, I just joined in 2020, I have a chance at something lol! Where can I find people who joined in 2020?

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I started doing it on my phone and got to the links section 😂

I quit and I’ll finish it later on a more suitable device.


You can’t find all users who joined in 2020. but you can go into the users page and view all users from DEC 10, 2019 - DEC 10, 2020.


What is a public voting

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