IFC Appreciation Thread

Hi everyone,
Now we all know that everyday someone decides to create a topic on how great IF and the IFC is.

And it is nice!

However, it is getting rather excessive. Day after day, after day, after day, after… you get the point.
So I decided to take the time to make this thread so there is a good place to show the IFC your love. Instead of 50 topics!
So if you like the Community just drop a like and if you have something to say leave a comment below.

And let me be the first to say I REALLY LIKE IT HERE.

-Cheers BAWHeavy


IFC is something… Its a good kind of something though.


The community is a vast place as complex as the largest city. But what lies within is just heartwarming. Everyone here from the newcomers to moderators really feels like family. I’m loving all the contributions people are making here, from helping others to bringing members together and making new friends.

In summation, I am proud to call this forum a home for me, avgeeks and simmers alike, one which I would not ever leave behind anytime soon or later.

Oh, and uh, @Balloonchaser, it’s more than a good kind of something. It’s the best-thing.


Here I am, @Tim_B -ing my way into this topic and ruining the fun and happiness.

My suggestion is to put your appreciation to good use by giving a rating+review on the app store/play store, instead of commenting on a thread filled with replies which won’t help to get new customers (not productive, in short)

And, there isn’t a category for appreciation so this pretty much belongs nowhere. And definitely not in #meta


I would like to show my appreciation to the community, however I do not do such via a comment.

Someone’s love and dedication toward the community can be expressed by being a large contributor to its contents, by liking and engaging in meaningful conversation. I always try my upmost best to do this and contribute to this wonderful forum when I have the time and I think anyone who does this is someone who loves and enjoys this community.

Whilst I know it’s only to show your appreciation, I don’t think there’s really much need for any topics regarding this.


Oh @dush19 I have already left a very favourable review on the App Store. I’m just trying to clear up/declutter the community. 😁
Same to you @Luke


@speedbirdheavy… MaxSez: About Time, an excellant initiative. The continuing ear banging and platitudes have there plsce and one place rather than the annoying repetitive scattershot by the peanuts would be a welcome addition. You should consider a vote on this initiative am sure the mature membership would vote “Aye”…


IF is one of the best apps in the 21st Century, and FDS has been working their a**es of to make what we now know as Global. Thank you FDS for one of the best simulators ever to be on Phones Tablets and computers. Here is how I feel. image


@Nashes. MaxSez: Routine Platitude…Here’s a Peanut, Peanut:

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This is why we can’t have nice things! The flagging begins.

We are extremely happy that you all enjoy the community and we ask that you continue to show your support by contributing regularly, helping one another and so on.

Kind Regards