IFC app

They said that with the official release of discourse, an official app will be released. But know I don’t seem to see that. Where is the app?

Do we need one? The forum seems to work perfectly using chrome. I’m not sure I’d bother with an app.

What’s concourse? Should this go in meta?

I think they meant discourse its the type of forum that is used here im pretty sure

Oh yeah I know about discourse.

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pretty sure its discourse

It isn’t released yet, it’s currently in beta testing.


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I agree with @Leodhasach The website works great. No need for an app.

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Cough Mobile Users(Like me) cough

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And so we can get notifications.


Exactly, even though replies go to your email it doesn’t notify me.

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This would be good for PMs while you’re flying in a group, so you don’t have to leave IF then go back.