IFC app on hp notebook question

Hi I use the infinite flight community app on hp notebook laptop and was wondering if there was a way if you can go back to the previous page you were looking at without having to go to the home page

There isn’t an IFC app. Are you referring to the Discourse hub app?

I assume you’re talking about Discourse Hub?

It could be discourse but some months ago it asked if I wanted to download an app or something where I can access the IFC directly which I did and now I have it

Does it look like this?


no it does not it has the IF logo as the app picture

Like this?


That’s not an app, it’s more like a bookmark. It only opens the webpage normally but it could be a bit “framed” to look like an app.


Ah I see thank you

Do you know have any go back button?

Unfortunately, no. I use this in a regular browser :)

Ok thank you. :) You can close this