IFC App inoperative


Since last Thursday I noticed that the IFC app does load and a message saying the site is inop pops up. I am currently using a browser to access the forum. Is anyone else experiencing this?




The IFC doesn’t have an official app. Are you talking about the Discourse App or did you just create a shortcut for the IFC? 😊


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I think it’s the discourse app not sure.

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it might be the discourse app or the chrome shortcut

The discourse app brings back a custom error message, so I don’t think it’s that. I assume it is a shortcut or “create Home Screen app” button present. Your best best is to delete the app, and re install the shortcut through chrome (the way you did it) again and it should work.

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He is using a browser though.

Ah, it appears he is using the website “community.infinite-flight.com”, which was the old infinite flight community url back in 2016. To get the real ifc, go to “community.infiniteflight.com


I’ll see about it.

I think it is Discourse, I’m not sure if DiscourseHub has this, but at the top, there is no search bar

discoursehub shows the url at the top. chrome shortcuts force the website to stay in fullscreen view.

This is what it looks like from my POV:

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