IFC Airplane Usage General Consensus VOTE!

Hello IFC,
I want to see what the most used planes are in infinite flight or airplane categories if you think I’ve left out any please tell me below and I will add them. NOTE: I WANT TO SEE THIS FOR THE IFC AND NOT JUST BY SERVER!


  • General Avation
  • Commercial Avation

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  • TBM
  • C172

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  • A320
  • B737

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  • B747
  • A380

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  • A350
  • B787

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  • XCUB
  • F22

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  • Short Haul
  • Long Haul

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  • A319
  • A320
  • A321

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  • B737-200
  • B737-800

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Thanks for adding to the consensus tell me anything that I have missed C:


Omg the F22 Is actually pulling here RIP XCUB :C

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Interessstttinnggggg Polls

The 787 is better than the A350 any day 😉


Better liveries C: 100% but you gotta love playing PONG up at 42K Lol

I picked off of my actual usage not preference I havent flown as many heavy aircraft lately :C

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XCUB is holding up YAS C:

I feel sorry for yall Battery for those long-haul folks LOL

I can agree with some of these polls (i.e. the first and last), but others seem unjustified. You can’t compare an XCUB to the F-22 on all servers. You have to compare and contrast based on how similar they are in real life.

You should divide them by category and family. Place all General Aviation aircraft in a poll and allow for, maybe two options. Same with the Airbus family and Boeing family.

You can also use the website below to find an accurate estimation.

you see it isnt a choice your so pose to be choosing based off of your usage of planes they to go together F22 Is used quite often and so it the XCUB so I wanted to see if it is in-fact more popular than the F22

As much as I like Airbus over Boeing, the 747 is a true classic. Love the LH 747 😍

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Hmm some of the IFC has been doing some naughty things in the F22 I see C:<

Hmmm…very interesting so far…

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very much so C:

New Addition to the end dont forget to add your vote

the poor A380 :C hmm I got a good idea

  • I do not Fly the A380 because it needs a Rework
  • I just dont like the A380

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i have to leave now so i will see some of the results tomorrow C: or this evening

Poor GA :C

wow some interesting findings so far

that is what i thought

Hi, I would say that most of these polls do kinda fall under this topic.

Information can be found here without a poll. Click on “Current flights by aircraft” to get somewhat real time data. Thanks

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