IFC Acceptance Day Flight Film

Hi guys im planning to make a film about Acceptance within the IFC. We will be at WSSS on the Training Server and doing some film shots for the trailer. Let me know if u want to join, Thank you!

Note we are not actually flying anywhere


I’d love to join mate! I’m just curious to see what time you’re planning to set it at, that’s all

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I’m there now if u wanna join so any time from now

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Oh really? Cool I’ll join then

I believe the Topic Category should be changed to #live:groupflights and use the template provided.

Although since you are spawning here now, it’s too late. You should create a #live:groupflights topic three hours before the attending time so you could receive more people. Just sharing my opinion.

Ok then but it’s not a group flight though

Nope, a group flight is any flight consisting of more than just one person. You should also give away more information in regards of the topic, which is why I mentioned this. The Time of Departure, the flight path etc.

If you still disagree with this term, be sure to PM me instead of clogging the topic.

Edit: That was sorted, not flying anywhere really.

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I would love to join too, what’s the departure time?

Idk anytime

We are departing now in PHNL instead to make the journey longer.

Callsign: Qantas 4

Server: Training

Do u still want to come? @Vinne

I agree with @Kuba_Jaroszczyk. I’m sorry but you should really have more information before posting a ‘meet up’ like this.

You also said WSSS originally, not PHNL.

Yeah but It’s a film

Regardless of what you’re trying to do, if you are intending on having people show up, you should include more information and make sure it is set in stone.

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