IFC 2020 Real World Flight Log

Thanks for your participation, but please adhere to these guidelines :D

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Technically the timestamp would say otherwise but it could be a coincidence.

@LegendaryRoro88 don’t think you’re supposed to log flights 11 months in advance… Flight times can change, flights can be cancelled, aircraft can change, flights can be diverted.

Important Update

Hi y’all, sorry about the thread being down, but I was working with the lovely moderators on a solution to some trolling, and we came up with this solution:

  • I will personally approve each response. This means that the sheet that the form populates into will not be public, however the sheet with the approved responses will be. It is already linked up above.
  • If your response has not been approved in 10 days feel free to contact me.
  • Responses will be declined for things like spam, trolling, or failing to follow the guidlines. Feel free to respond with any questions!

We have 62 flights logged at the end of February, let’s keep it going!

Don’t forget to log your flights y’all!

At the end of March we have 79 flights logged! While everyone may be stuck at home now, you can still log flights from earlier this year if you haven’t already!

I submitted my flights. Definitely interesting to see where everyone else is flying to.

End of April Update:

We have 83 flights logged so far. Because of COVID, we may actually have a shot at logging most of the community’s flights, so log the flights you’ve taken this year!

I was wondering…can you log practice flights

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Like training flights?

Yeah training flights on small planes

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Only if your departure and arrival airports were different.

End of May/Beginning of June Update:

We have 90 flights logged so far folks! This is obviously a different number than we were expecting because of COVID, but you can still log your flights from this year if you haven’t already!

Boy am I glad that this was a rule! Imagine how many things I would have had to delete …


End of June/Beginning of July Update:

We have 92 flights logged so far! As more people begin to head back to the skies, we should start to see the flights come back, at least in places that have handled COVID well!

Can you log flights if you were a student with an instructor as the PIC?

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Yes, that’s alright! As long as the departure and arrival airports were different. That rule is only here in place so commercial pilots on the forum don’t log all of their flights

Did you think about flight attendants? (Just sayin) 😀

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Well I guess they didn’t count as “passengers” when I was thinking about it 😂. But we will see if anyone tries 👀

Apologies for of the long delay between updates, but the sheet is up to date!

This is fun! Just did mine!

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