IFC 2020 Real World Flight Log

Welcome to the official 2020 IFC Real World Flight Log!

Please note that this thread has been Moderator Approved

So what is this thread about?

Hello everyone! I’m launching a new project to try to keep track of all of the flights we take as a community in 2020. You are encouraged, but not obliged to log your flights, however the more participation we have, the more satisfying the result will be. This will be done in the form of a Google Form, that will feed into a Google Sheet. This form will not record any personal information about you, and the spreadsheet is open to the public to view. At the end of the year I will make a topic with some statistics from all of the flights we took as a community, as well as some awards and shout outs.

The Form

Some things to remember when filling out the form:

  • Only log flights that you have actually taken.
  • Only log flights after you have taken them.
  • Only log flights from 2020.
  • Only log flights that you are a passenger in.
  • Log each flight in a trip separately.
  • You can log your flights until the end of the year. Just because it’s February as I type this doesn’t mean you can’t log your flights from January.

The form is below:

The Spreadhseet

The spreadhseet can be viewed by everyone and is below:

What should this thread be used for?

This thread should only be used for the following things:

  • Questions
  • Occasional updates from me about this project

This thread shouldn’t be used for these things:

  • Feedback or comments - if you have feedback please message me instead of posting it here.
  • Posting any information about your flights - log your flights in the form, and post about them in other #real-world-aviation topics.

Thanks for stopping by, and I encourage you to participate!


Submitted my flight, I really like this idea.

Sorry @Eddie_D @Qantas094 @XuanyanYe @BigBert10 but I only got this thread approved under these circumstances. Only post on here if you have a question :D


Are we allowed to respond for connecting flights? For instance, if I were flying from New York to Anchorage with a layover in California, would I submit two forms?

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Exactly, that is how you should do it.

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Y’all I’m sorry but I need you to follow this.

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Oh whoops

Anyway, do you mind looking over my responses? Because it seems as though I kind of overdid it with the airports and put the aircraft type down wrong (B738 when everyone put Boeing 737-800)

Because I can’t see the KSJC or KPDX codes, only San Jose and Portland

Sorry, another question. Is there some way to order the flights in chronological order based on date of flight?

Hold on I put the wrong date I was meant to put 3rd of January

Is it possible to change?

I will look into that in a few minutes

That’s alright, putting the full airport name and the abbreviation is perfect :D

Is that for your flight from EGNT to OMDB? No need to respond, just like this post to confirm :D

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Oops, I will send feedback via PM. Nice idea and submitted my flights :)

So for flights we take in real life?

The title and category answer your question, it’s for real life flights.


And this is for Commercial flights only? I would guess pattern work would probably not be allowed to be submitted (clogging), but what about a GA flight with a different departure & arrival?

This is for flights that you take and are passengers in. So if you’re a passenger in a GA flight you can log it.

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A huge thanks to everyone who has logged flights so far! We have almost 50 flights logged


Don’t forget to log your flights folks!

Nice idea - I have logged the two flights I took in January