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“We are virtual pilots, not gamers”


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How to join

About us

We are the owners of the first and largest Brazilian community of Infinite Flight. With each flight, we have a responsibility to influence more than 2,000 members who love the best and largest mobile simulator in existence.

Our methods of organization seek to enable our members to operate at the best level of simulation. Our respect means that we intend to inflate and support the growth of the Brazilian community as well as the global Infinite Flight community.

Whether through official events at the IFC, or taking part in the regions of the ATC scale, or in the union to maintain our representativeness in the application, because when we say “we” we are referring to the entire Brazilian community in the simulator.

Our mission is clear! We want to be inspired and motivate everyone who loves and dreams about aviation. Infinite Flight is the tool, IFBR - Infinite Flight Brasil has more than 300 operators of this tool registered on our server and more than 2,000 members linked to our open community, we are faithful lovers and we cannot describe literally the importance of simulation in our lives.

Our mission is to make history and enshrine the mobile simulator in the souls of Brazilians. After all, we are here, we are there. We are in all regions where it is possible to speak Portuguese. We are in Mozambique, we are in Angola, we are in Portugal.

Our mission is to promote Brazil on Infinite Flight.

Our mission is to simulate.

And for us, given mission is mission accomplished.

Flight School

IFBR offers pilots the course that focuses on the quality of simulation, seeking to improve or verify the skill and knowledge of each one, aiming to provide great experiences on the most professional servers of Infinite Flight.

Online Training Course (CTO)

The course lasts an average of 7 days in online classes by voice chat with an approximate duration of 2 hours. The content of the classes provides the essential knowledge of flight planning, piloting and communication with traffic controllers. In some classes, pilots in training will be observed in practice during group flights, standard circuit, among other modes. To complete the CTO and advance in the training process, the pilot must have attended 70% of the applied classes.

Course Completion Test (TCC)

In this stage, each pilot will be assessed individually in flight accompanied by INVA or a member of STAFF of instruction. We are a family owned and operated business.

There will be 3 flight tests.

After passing all assessments, the pilot will be officially added to the IFBR Trained Pilots roster.

Have no doubts and come fly with the largest Brazilian community of Infinite Flight.

Operational Center

It is here at the IFBR Operations Center that you discover the advantages of graduating from our flight school.

Ranking System
The IFBR ranking was prepared in a way that values ​​all the pilot's experience before joining the group. At the time of training, the pilot will be required to register hours already flown on Infinite Flight, these hours will fit into one of the STATUS levels of experience. From this point onwards, the Qualified Pilot must record his official flight hours in the Logbook (Accessible through the IFBR communication application).

Regular Ranking

In this ranking will be recorded the hours flown on all types of flights. Depending on the type of flight, the pilot will be rewarded and the hours will be doubled until the group’s maximum STATUS level is reached.

Promotional Ranking

In this ranking, all hours flown in official IFBR events (IFC, interns or partnerships) will be recorded (without bonuses). The differential of this ranking is that the best placed will be awarded.


1st Position - Live (1 month) + 1,000 hours in Regular Ranking
2nd Position - +750 hours in Regular Ranking
3rd Position - +500 hours in Regular Ranking
4th Position - +250 hours in Regular Ranking
5th Position - +100 hours in Regular Ranking

Route System
IFBR's main objective is to move the skies of America, essentially South America and mainly our home, Brazil. We have Special Routes in our system. Published weekly on the group's communication app (Discord), routes are created based on the week's ATC Scale (Available at IFC) and seek to connect America to the busiest HUBs.

Our Fleet
Our system seeks to use all the aircraft available on Infinite Flight. However, company restrictions are applied to the time recording regarding the pilot's STATUS Experience.

Experience STATUS

Training Pilot (CTO, TCC) [IFBR Training…]
Amateur Pilot (0-10 hours)
Private Pilot (10-50 hours)
First Officer (50-100 hours)
Captain (100-200 hours)
Regional Commander (200-500 hours)
International Commander (500-1,000 hours)
Senior Commander (1,000-2,000 hours)
Instructor Commander (2.000 hours +) [Maximum STATUS level, continues to compete in the Promotional Ranking, is free from the Regular Ranking.

Do you want to know all the details of our Operational Center, events and more? Access our website and enjoy!

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Events and Communication

Human Resources


Social Media

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show that’s it. Every day growing more and more simulating serious and with responsibility. 🇧🇷IFBR🇧🇷👏🏼👏🏼🎊🎉


Proud to belong!! 🇧🇷IFBR🇧🇷


Congrats guys! You did really well during the approval process!


Congradulations IFBR Brasill 🇧🇷 🛫 …


Great job guys!


.Congratulations to The green and Yellow team! Together we are stronger🇧🇷


I’m super looking forward to that Monday event!


It was a great day for us!


It is a wonderful moment for us, proud to be part of the most upright group in Brazil.


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