IFATC's Expert ATC Tracking Thread ZBAA [OPEN]

Hello everyone!
As you know today is ATC choice.
Today we will be working at ZBAA airport. Welcome anybody. Always allow pattern work.
ZBAA (Beijing Capital Int’l Airport) is the second busiest airport in the world with 3 parallel runways and three terminals. More than 100,000,000 passengers per year. Highly underserved airport in IF.
About Me:
-Just Passed ATC written and practical test, ATC specialist
-Used to be Grade 4 pilot
-Open once a week
-Any Aircraft you like
-Every Control stays open for at least 1h.
-More than 800 Operations
-Always allow pattern work
-Love feedback

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MCO Tower/Ground/ATIS Open

Runways for takeoff: 18L / 17R

Runways for Landing: 18R / 17L