IFATCLive - Controlling Sessions, Live on Twitch!

IFATCLive is a controller-led group of streamers for the Infinite Flight ATC team, providing air traffic control services for Infinite Flight’s Expert Server. As a group of controllers, we strongly prioritize educating the community, including pilots, new controllers, and fellow IFATC members alike. This is why the IFATCLive group was formed, and this is our motivation to stream to a larger audience.

Our group features ten controllers, each with previous streaming experience. As IFATC features controllers from around the world, our group is diverse, allowing to provide for coverage around the world, at all times of the day.


IFC Username IFATC Rank Region
@AviationReports Supervisor N/A
@Edoardo_C Supervisor N/A
@mwe2187 Supervisor N/A
@ToasterStroodie Supervisor N/A
@PlaneGeek Officer Middle East
@Manav_Suri Officer Middle East
@LordWizrak Officer Africa
@Rhys_V Officer US East
@Rob_M Officer US East
@Sashaz55 Officer US East
@ItsBlitz Officer US West
@Thunderbolt Officer US West
@Erik_Popescu Officer US West
@Suhas Specialist US West
@Cameron_M Specialist Oceania

The group is invitation-only and reserved for experienced IFATC controllers. If you are interested, you may send a message to @Thunderbolt on the IFC or on Discord.

Status: We are not currently accepting new controllers. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Come check out our stream, and drop us a follow!

The use of IFATC naming, logos, and branding, as well as permission for this thread, has been provided in writing by the Infinite Flight ATC Manager, @Tyler_Shelton. In fact none of this work could have been possible without Tyler’s support and guidance. As a reminder, IFATCLive is community-led and not affiliated with Infinite Flight LLC or Infinite Flight ATC.


Nice initiative!


We’re going live in 30 minutes!

@ItsBlitz will be streaming at 2021-05-29T17:40:00Z for the Honolulu flyout. Join the flyout yourself, or come hang out with us!

Plans afterward are to be determined, but I’m planning to continue the stream at the end of the flyout.


Great idea to centralize everyone’s streams. This can also help officers in training and pilots who want see things from the controller’s perspective!


Honoured to have the opportunity to take part in this. I hope this gives others a perspective on seeing what we think and do while on frequency, and perhaps, persuade some people to join IFATC! Definitely great things will come in due course.


Thanks for your hard work on this! I’m so excited to see our talented controllers on display. 👏


We’re live! Come join us at twitch.tv/IFATCLive.


Very cool idea! It’ll be nice to be able to watch everything from one central account, and with some nice variety of regions! Will it be daily, or kinda just whenever?


It’ll most likely be daily, but there’s no set schedule. I hope to incorporate new ideas soon!


Sweet, looking forward to it!

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It could be cool if some of you guys decide (if you want) to speak during the stream make it more entertaining maybe ;)

Just an idea :p

Otherwise, nice initiative for sure !


What server are you live streaming on?

It’s usually always going to be expert server since the streams are dedicated to IFATC :)


This is super cool!


So so so honored to be selected to start out IFATCLive. Hopefully, in the future you’ll see us grow and share what IFATC has to offer, encourage those to join IFATC, and teach pilots along the way ATC tips and helpful tips for flying the Infinite Flight skies!

Again, so grateful to be working with such an awesome group of people!
(also Matt props on the alphabetization, organization is key :) )


Thanks to everyone that showed up to our first public stream! Here are a few statistics from the stream.

Duration of Stream: 1 hour, 9 minutes
Average Viewer Count: 11
Maximum Viewer Count: 23
Unique Viewers: 46
Live Views: 63
New Followers: 3

A long night of streams await!

@AviationReports will be streaming sometime beginning 2021-05-30T01:30:00Z2021-05-30T02:00:00Z (this is not the duration of the stream). I will follow up with a stream of my own. See you there!


@AviationReports is live at KDTW! Come join us.

Sidenote: he’s controlling Ground, Tower, Approach, and Departure, so if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to control all four frequencies, go check it out!

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I’m live from KLAX now! Lots of traffic, let’s have some fun!

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Thank you all for a great night of fun! Looking forward to tomorrow’s streams, as well as our Memorial Day Marathon on Monday!


I’m going live with EGLL TGA shortly. Feel free to tune in, thank you!